Colby Covington Banned From Casino For Life After Post-UFC 235 Incident

Colby Covington
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The day after Kamaru Usman’s dominant title win over Tyron Woodley at Saturday’s UFC 235, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ and his manager Ali Abdelaziz got into a public incident with Colby Covington at the Palms Casino buffet. The incident has now seen Covington banned from the establishment as a result.

The scene was a chaotic one, to say the least. Women and children running wild to avoid the chaos while screaming for security because of the violence. Ultimately, security was able to defuse the situation by escorting both parties out. Police were not called to the scene due to their efforts. However, it was undoubtedly a public black eye for the Palms themselves due to online perception. They were painted as a dangerous public place for people to go eat in Las Vegas because of it.

Put that with Covington’s now-infamous filming incident on Dana White’s blackjack game there Friday night and “Chaos” has been causing quite a large heap of trouble at the Palms. He appeared on today’s episode of “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” to discuss the melee. According to “Chaos,” it was Abdelaziz who helped instigate the incident with women and children involved:

Banned The Right Guy?

Abdelaziz could be seen attempting to throw punches at Covington in the video of the incident. None of them came even close to landing, but it became chaos as we see. He had to be held back as security became involved.

Yet the punishment appears to have fallen on “Chaos” alone. Covington revealed to Helwani that he had been permanently banned from the Palms as a result of the run-in:

It cannot be denied that Covington has caused a large amount of trouble during his impromptu trip to Las Vegas for UFC 235. He was in a very public spat with Dana White and the UFC over him supposedly being passed for a title shot at the event.

But despite his boorish behavior, he’ll get the next shot at Usman in ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’s first title defense. He just won’t be able to go back to the Palms ever again.

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