Cody Garbrandt Says He’d ‘Rip Jean Claude Van Damme’s F***ing Head Off’

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports
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Earlier this year, former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt made headlines when he was kicked in the face by action star Jean Claude Van Damme during a training session at Team Alpha Male.

The ordeal reportedly had Van Damme in a state of disarray as Team Alpha Male allegedly consoled him, but Garbrandt wants fans to know how a real fight between he and the 57-year-old actor would go.

Speaking in a recent interview with TMZ Sports, the former champ gave his prediction for the fantasy match while seeming a bit put off by even being asked about how a fight between the two would play out.

Check it out:

In his eyes – and probably of most – “No Love” thinks he’d handle the star with ease in a true bout, and it’s not even worth discussing:

“I’d rip his f***ing head off. Is that really a question?”

After losing the title to former teammate and champion TJ Dillashaw in a back-and-forth affair at November 2017’s UFC 217, Garbrandt’s next move in the octagon remains unknown.

But with a host of top bantamweight contenders most likely looking to make a name off of “No Love,” you can be sure Van Damme is understandably off the 135-pound star’s radar.

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