Claressa Shields Earns 3rd Round TKO Against Brittney Elkin – PFL 4 Highlights

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields showed the world she is serious about her MMA career, earning a late TKO in her debut.

Elkins was faithful to her word and focused on takedowns and controlling Shields on the ground through most of the fight. Shields, however, showed composure and never panicked when she found herself in compromising positions.

Elkin attempted to utilize her jiu-jitsu skills early to try and finish the fight but was unsuccessful. She attempted armbars in both the first and second rounds, but Shields was able to escape and even achieved the top position for brief moments.

Elkins also attempted to dish out some ground and pound, but Shields was unfazed and never seemed in danger from the strikes. Shields also mounted offense from the bottom, causing Elkin to remain close to her in an attempt to close distance and avoid Shields’s strikes. Still, the boxing GWOAT was down two rounds by our card going into the third.

In the third, it appeared that it would be more of the same when Elkin attempted a single leg early in the round. Shields sprawled and avoided the takedown, punching Elkin on the way up and causing the veteran to stumble. It was the beginning of the end as Shields swarmed Elkin and secured the stoppage with a barrage of unanswered strikes to Elkin’s head. Check out the highlights below.

How do you think Claressa Shields looked in her PFL debut?