Christmas Comes Early: 6 Best UFC Finishers on Display This December

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Mixed martial arts is a full-throttle experience capable of delivering split-second violence.

Excitement is often witnessed at every turn of a fight, offering athletic performances fine-tuned to perfection. These instances of pure combat culminate with head-splitting punches, squeezed necks, flying knees, and anything capable of momentarily detaching a human being from existence.

Some hair-tingling outcomes can certainly be categorized as barbaric savagery, but it is a reality owned by those who compete. Fighters enter the Octagon knowing they can be knocked out, choked unconscious, or left looking up at the rafters.

The entities that roam the cage in search of these finishes are some of the most popular cats in the jungle. Their natural intuition creates an ultimate takeover. Their bodies set to auto-pilot and all the training they’ve suffered through allows them to sniff out spilled blood.

Luckily for fights fans of all shapes and sizes, some of the best finishers in the UFC will be on full display this month. From knockout artists to filthy submission gurus, the promotion’s historically jam-packed December schedule should satisfy our ongoing lust for MMA madness.

Here are the very best finishers set to take to the cage over the next four weeks.

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