In the co-main event #11 ranked middleweight contender, Omari Ahmedov looks to get the biggest win of his career against former 185lb king Chris Weidman. The All-American is desperate to get back in the win column after losing five of his last six UFC fights.

Round 1: Chris Weidman is trying for the takedown early. Omari Ahkmedov is doing well to defend. Weidman again shoots in for the single leg against the fence – Akhmedov defends again. The fight moves back into striking range and Ahkmedov lands a nice body shot in close before trying a combo up top. The Russian shoots in for a takedown of his own but Weidman defends and is now looking to take top position for himself. The fight moves back to feet but not for long as the ‘All American’ finally secures his first takedown of the fight. Ahkmedov works his way back to his feet but that’s exactly what it is – work. Weidman stays glued to him and quickly drags the fight back to the floor. The former champ seems content in the guard but eventually advances to half guard. A few short shots from Weidman just before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round 2: Weidman scores with a right hand over the top at the start of round two. Ahkmedov is putting pressure on Weidman who unwisely drops his hands. The Russian secures a takedown against the fence. Weidman gives his back to return to his feet – he eats a few shots on his way back up. The fight is in striking range now. Both men fail with takedown attempts. Weidman shoots in. He has his opponent up against the fence and is working hard to get the fight down – great defence from Ahkmedov who lands a nice punch on the break. Weidman fails badly with his latest shot. Ahkmedov lands big to the body to make him pay. The Russian shoots in and gets the takedown he’s on top.

Round 3: Weidman shoots in early for the takedown – he gets it. Ahkmedov won’t stay down though. The ‘All American’ is determined though and stays glued to his opponent. He eventually gets it down again and is able to keep it there. The former champ works his way into the mount position and it trying to lock up an arm-triangle choke – Ahkmedov escapes but he is mounted still. Weidman stays busy on top but maintaining top pressure which has his opponent in a really tough spot in round three.  Weidman is slowly locking up a arm-triangle. As the clock ticks down he begins to squeeze hard but Ahkmedov is tough and Weidman settles for mount. He fires off an elbow. Ahkemdov rolls and Weidman takes his back. He’s on top dominating this fight as the final bell sounds.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Weidman def. Omari Ahkmedov via unanimous decision

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