Chris Weidman Reveals Worst Injury Was His Penis Stuck In Zipper


Heading into what many feel will be his biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) challenge; UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has had his fair share of injuries.

In fact, he’s only been able to defend his title three times since shocking the world by knocking out Anderson Silva in the second round of their main event at July 2013’s historic UFC 162, as knee, hand, and rib injuries have postponed his scheduled dates with both Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort.

Weidman has made the most of his in-cage time when he was healthy, however, defeating Machida in a classic five-round battle at UFC 175 before finally demolishing Belfort in a wild one-round scrap at UFC 187 last May. The New York native is respected for his toughness, and judging solely on his ability to persevere through injury and the best from both Machida and Belfort, that praise isn’t far off base.

But those ailments failed to live up to the worst injury Weidman’s ever had, which he revealed in a recent interview with The Huffington Post. Apparently none of his fighting damage came close to a brutal time from his youth when his penis got caught in his zipper and the paramedics were called:

“I actually got my penis caught in my zipper when I was in first grade… I became a UFC fighter, but the worst thing that comes to my head instantly is my penis getting caught in my zipper… that was the worst thing ever,” said Weidman.

“The paramedics come in…They can’t get it off, they’re looking at each other like, ‘I can’t believe this.’ Then they cut my jeans off completely to where only things left [are] the zipper and me naked, including all my teachers and principal, everyone looking at me when I’m naked. It was terrible. Then they put me on the stretcher and of course the bell rings in the school, so everybody comes out of their classes and I’m going out on a stretcher and everyone’s like, ‘What’s wrong with him?'”

Ouch. When he puts it that way, perhaps a few knee surgeries, rest time from broken ribs, and a cast on your hand aren’t so bad after all. Weidman went on to describe that his older brother made things much worse by spreading a rumor that Weidman had his penis amputated, which he debunked by whipping out for clarification when he was in sixth grade:

“And then my brother, who is three years older than me, told everybody that obviously my penis got caught on my zipper and they had to amputate my penis. So until I was in sixth grade, everyone thought I had no penis… So in sixth grade I was just kind of whipping it out everywhere, like, ‘Look at me! I have one!’ once I gained the confidence to pull it out.”

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