Reality TV star Chase DeMoor wants to throw hands with Nate Diaz inside the ring after going toe-to-toe with the ex-UFC fighter in the streets of New Orleans last weekend.

Attending the DAZN Misfits 006 boxing event in The Big Easy, the Ultimate Fighter alumnus got his evening of debauchery started by chucking a water bottle at DeMoor who was sitting in the stands behind him. The incident incited a brief scuffle inside the building that eventually spilled out into the streets once the event concluded.

On Monday, DeMoor shared his take on the altercation with Nate Diaz, challenging the UFC fan-favorite to scrap inside the cage.

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“This message is for Nate Diaz and all his boys. As you can see, you guys finally put some damage on me,” DeMoor said. “I didn’t take any damage in any of my boxing matches and you guys had to jump me in New Orleans. All of you guys are in the UFC and are MMA fighters and I had to fight your whole team off.

“You and your crew are the softest boys,” DeMoor continued. “All those kids on your team, I don’t know how they are in the UFC or have any sort of winning record. You guys have pillows for hands, soft toilet paper for hands. You guys are a bunch of wipes, bro, and I can’t wait to watch Jake Paul destroy you whenever you guys are fighting because I’ll be there.

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“I’ll be there to handle all your goons too just in case they get out of line. Nate, if you’re watching this, get yourself locked in a cage with me for five minutes. I promise you, I’m going to show you what that 40lb weight difference feels like. You’re soft. Jake, handle my light work” (h/t Mirror).

Chase DeMoor, star of the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle, stepped inside the ring for his third career boxing match at the DAZN event. Squaring off with Stevie Knight, DeMoor was disqualified near the end of the first round when he continued to punch his opponent after knocking him to the canvas. ‘King’ is officially 0-2 as a pro after his first bout was ruled an exhibition draw.

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Nate Diaz is currently scheduled to make his professional boxing debut when he meets social media superstar Jake Paul. The two are set to collide at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas on August 5.

Do you think Chase DeMoor has a chance against Nate Diaz in a cage or a ring?

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