Chael Sonnen pokes fun at Andrew Tate amid TRT use claims: ‘That’s the physique of a guy that eats donuts’

Andrew Tate

Chael Sonnen doesn’t believe controversial social media star Andrew Tate is guilty of taking performance-enhancing drugs to achieve his chiseled physique.

Recently, the internet’s favorite misogynist shared results from blood work he had done in an effort to prove that he was not a user of substances generally banned in combat sports, including TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Looking for validation, Tate turned to Canadian bodybuilder Derek of the popular podcast More Plates More Dates. An expert on performance-enhancing substances and healthy living, Derek accepted the opportunity and delivered a 20-minute explanation of his finding which you can see here.

In short, Derek found that Andrew Tate’s test results were that of a moderate TRT user.

“I’ve followed [Andrew Tate] for a long time. I do actually think he’s natural. However, I do think that what he has posted has completely kind of done the opposite of helping reinforce what he is trying to prove here,” Derek revealed. “This is showing that he basically has the equivalent level to a guy who’s on a moderate TRT dose.”

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Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Believe Andrew Tate’s Physique is That of Someone on TRT

Responding to Derek’s findings was former three-time UFC title challenge Chael Sonnen, a man that knows a thing or two about banned substances.

In the latest episode of Beyond the Fight on YouTube, Sonnen suggested that his own experience in the field has led him to believe that Andrew Tate is 100% clean. Of course, Sonnen couldn’t offer up his explanation without turning it into a passive-aggressive dig at the former two-division ISKA world champion.

“I did see Andrew’s response where Andrew said, ‘Hey Derek, I appreciate you. I know you’re an expert and thanks for talking about me. I’m not an expert in that field, but I am an expert in myself and I know I didn’t take anything ever.’ That’s true. I’m not telling you what Derek said isn’t true because I didn’t hear it, but what I will tell you is that’s not the physique of somebody on steroids. That’s the physique of a guy that eats donuts here and there. Likely has a very slow morning,” Sonnen said.

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“You want to know what Andrew Tate’s physique is like? Here, I’ll tell you exactly. Likely has a long and drawn-out morning that likely involves water. Maximum with juice and a minimum coffee and somewhere later in the day will finally have a meal. And around bedtime, he’s gonna have something else that’s probably really good. It could even be a donut. And then works out for about 45 minutes fairly regularly. About five times a week and not at the world’s most strenuous pace. That’s what that physique is. There’s not even a maybe whether it’s clean or not.”

Andrew Tate along with three other individuals, including his brother Tristan Tate, were arrested in Romania last December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal group. After more than three months in custody, all parties were released on the condition of house arrest while the investigation continues.

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“Seeing him with his shirt off, that body’s clean,” Sonnen concluded.