Chael Sonnen: It’s A ‘Scumbag Move’ If Oliveira Fights McGregor Next

Chael Sonnen

Charles Oliveira is no doubt coming off the most impressive win of his career, submitting the favored Dustin Poirier last Saturday at UFC 269 in the main event to retain his Lightweight championship.

While the logical fight to make would be Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje next, there is always one certain Irish superstar in the wings with big enough star power to hop the line even coming off of two losses.

Conor McGregor went as far as to tweet out asking when he would be fighting the lightweight champ. Oliviera, one of the longest-tenured fighters on the roster, claims he would let McGregor hop Gaethje in line for a title shot in order to provide the most monetary wise for his family and future.

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Chael Sonnen Berates Charles Oliveira

One legend of the sport, in particular, had a lot of issues with the lightweight champ’s statement about McGregor hopping the line. Chael Sonnen ripped into Oliviera for bringing McGregor’s name into a potential title shot, calling it a “scumbag move.”

“Oliveira is saying things as far as, and I don’t feel confident in this, but he went as far as to say ‘step aside Justin Gaethje, bring in Conor McGregor, I want the money fight’. This is what Oliveira is saying. I don’t know how much of that is tongue in cheek and how much of it is true. I don’t look at Charles Oliveira as some witty guy that would go out and manipulate the media even in the form of a troll, so I’m taking him at his word.”

“Now, that’s a scumbag move. It’s a scumbag move because nobody would give him an opportunity because he doesn’t move the needle. He’s never been the money fight, which is what held him back for so long. So now that he’s gotten up in the loft, if he pulls the ladder up behind him, I’m gonna look back at that and say ‘I don’t really like that’.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

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You can check out the full clip of Sonnen breaking down this situation below.

There is a lot of intrigue and options in regards to McGregor’s next opponent, likely to be early next summer. Options would include a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz, the fourth bout with Dustin Poirier, Michael Chandler, and maybe even the lightweight champion Charles Oliviera.

A lot of analysts and pundits have noticed McGregor’s recent bulk up to 190 lbs, potentially signifying a Welterweight bout for his next fight.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen? Is it a “scumbag move” for Charles Oliveira to try to fight Conor McGregor before Justin Gaethje?