Chael Sonnen Critical Of Oscar De La Hoya Over Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 ‘Disaster’

Chael Sonnen Weigh

Chael Sonnen critical of Oscar De La Hoya over what he calls a disaster regarding the third fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. The former title contender is known for his trash talk as much as his fighting skills as a pro-MMA fighter. He does have some history with Ortiz, who beat him by submission at Bellator 170 last year.

During a recent video that he pushed on his YouTube channel, Sonnen believes there is “a tremendous lesson” to be learned about the “disaster.”

“Oscar is not passionate about mixed martial arts. That was very clear and very obvious,” said Sonnen (H/T to MMAJunkie). “And when it comes to storytelling and building anticipation. You cannot just set up a ring, and the rest of it takes care of itself. I’ve heard fighters threaten that they were going to leave a promotion and start their own promotion. Go ahead. Go right ahead. That’s essentially what we saw here.”

As seen on Saturday night inside The Forum in Inglewood, California on pay-per-view, Ortiz was able to score a first round knockout victory over the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

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Sonnen continued by stating that Oscar was never passionate about MMA. Thus, he needs to stay in his own lane, which is boxing, going forward.

“So, Chuck and Tito come together, go to Oscar, pitch him on an idea that Oscar was never passionate about, he was never behind, with a story that he simply did not know how to tell. It doesn’t make Oscar a bad promoter. The lesson to learn in this is: You got to stay in your lane.”