Carlos Felipe Gets Decision Win Over Yorgan De Castro – UFC Fight Island 4 Results

Carlos Felipe

In the UFC Fight Island 4 co-main event we have an exciting heavyweight bout. Yorgan De Castro is looking to bounced back after suffering the first loss of his career last time out. Carlos Felipe is hoping to do the same after falling short in his UFC debut earlier this year.

Round 1: Carlos Felipe wings a big punch in but it misses wildly. Yorgan De Castro is pawing out with his hands and trying to hit low leg kicks. Felipe throws a big overhand right it makes a big thudding sound but De Castro managed to block it. De Castro steams forward to get his back off the cage. Felipe continues to press forward. De Castro is firing back to try to keep him off but nothing is really landing big right now. Felipe eats a big leg kick which clearly hurt. He fires back with a straight right but is unable to get out of the way of these low kicks. Felipe is starting to put his hands together at the end of round one. He’s clearly got fast hands and his power is starting to get a reaction from his opponent as round one comes to a close.

Round 2: Both men come out firing at the start of round two. De Castro is very visibly trying to take the initiative here but he eats a big shot coming in. Felipe goes to the body before heading back upstairs – he seems to have his opponent hurt for a moment. De Castro clinches up against the fence, threatens for the takedown before they break and get back to striking range. De Castro seems fine, better than fine actually he’s emerged from the latest flurry of strikes looking excellent. Felipe doesn’t let his opponent gain too much momentum and gets back to hitting the body impressively. They clinch against the cage again but the referee takes the position away from De Castro who ignored several warnings about grabbing the fence. Felipe continues to push forward with lots of volume. He punches his way in then clinches up against the fence. The referee again breaks the position due to another fence grab – this time from Felipe. Both men are swinging as the round ends – they stare each other down before heading back to their respective corners.

Round 3: Both men come out swinging once again. Felipe is landing lots of volume. De Castro is winding up for power. Felipe comes out of the flurry better. He is able to keep up his output and De Castro is just covering up really. Another clinch position is broken up by the ref. De Castro shoots for a takedown but is unable to get it, they clinch up again but are quickly broken up. Another clinch position. Not a lot of action. Another break from the referee – this fight is starting to get into a pattern. De Castro keeps going straight back in for the clinch. He’s tapping his opponent with short shots but the referee just keeps separating them. We head into the final minute. De Castro again bulldozes forward and looks to hold up against the fence. Ten seconds left they are again split and neither man is able to land anything significant before the end of the final round.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Carlos Felipe def. Yorgan De Castro via unanimous decision