The Defense Attorney Of Cain Velasquez’s Case Says The Accused Child Molester Is Innocent

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez is once again back in the news as the defense attorney of Harry Goularte insists that his client is innocent of the heinous act.

This comes of no surprise since that is the job of the attorney and they would never admit the guilt of their own client.

Goularte’s attorney spoke to the press while walking out of the courtroom and had this to say to them and a group of people protesting on behalf of Velasquez.

“We intend to prove his innocence, and I think the people around here should understand someone is presumed innocent until he’s convicted. He didn’t do it. The investigation is on-going. The full police report has just been provided and there needs to be time for both parties to view and go over it and make sure all the discovery is provided.” (Transcribed by MMAJunkie)

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Cain Velasquez recently came out with a statement for the first time since his arrest

Velasquez shot at Goularte, but unfortunately hit his stepfather instead. While what Velasquez did was noble and understandable, he did take the law into his own hands and is paying the unfortunate price for it. Velasquez had said in that statement that there are multiple victims of the accused child molester Goularte. He had hoped that more people would come out with their stories about Goularte

Many have said that they don’t understand why Velasquez took that point of action. Especially when he had the means to just beat the living hell out of him instead of shooting at him. The charges would have been much less than they are now, if he took another route.

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What do you think of the details so far that have come out in the Velasquez case?