By now, Conor McGregor’s actions that took place last Thursday following UFC 223 media day at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York have been highly publicized and many have been highly critical of the Irish star, who ended up spending a night in jail late last week.

One of those people happens to be longtime UFC announcer Bruce Buffer, who recently spoke with TMZ on McGregor’s bizarre rampage:

“Never think anything like this could ever happen,” Buffer said. “In my 22-plus years of being in the UFC and doing everything I can in my life to build this great brand and to support this fantastic sport … it’s like you sh*t on all of us – with that one move. That’s not what we’re about. Perception is reality out there. I don’t understand how anybody could condone that kind of behavior, and if they do, then obviously they will be willing to do that kind of behavior.”

Essentially, it’s assumed that McGregor arrived in New York to confront Khabib Nurmagomedov, who had gotten into a bit of an altercation with Artem Lobov, a close friend and training partner of McGregor’s, earlier in the week.

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And while some have praised McGregor for defending Lobov, Buffer sees no justification for the “Notorious” one’s actions:

“As a whole, everyone has their own personal reaction, but I think it’s total disgust,” Buffer said.

“I don’t care who they are. Anybody that justifies that has a problem,” he added. “I could say something else right now, and I want to say it, but I’m telling you right now: They have a problem. I’m being very polite.

“We’ll see how it all pans out,” Buffer said. “There’s no excuse for it. It’s an insult. It’s disgusting. I mean, that’s not what we’re about. … This is something that occurred with one individual. It’s separate from who we are.”

As far as what happens next, McGregor will have to appear in court in June with his fighting future currently unclear.

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