There has been a lot made of former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields’ run in with UFC welterweight talent Mike Jackson at the UFC Performance Institute over the last week, Matt Brown being the latest to chime in on the matter.

For those of you who are unaware, Jackson and Shields got into it on Twitter, with Jackson calling the former UFC title challenger a Nazi, as well as a white nationalist. Shields did not take too kindly to this choice of words, and he confronted Jackson on site, as he claimed he would do.

Shields took Jackson down, mounted him, and got a few shots off before being pulled off and forced to leave the PI.

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Matt Brown, the fighter with the most finishes in UFC welterweight history, had the following to say in regards to their altercation:

“I mean more power to Jake. This guy (Jackson) was talking shit to him and I know Jake says some fucking crazy shit on Twitter. I’ve followed him for a while. He says some shit that no one’s going to agree with but you don’t go calling people Nazis and shit. Jake is far from a Nazi.

“He might say some shit you don’t agree with. He might be a little out there on some things according to you, or according to someone else, but come on man. You know you can’t say that shit and then see Jake Shields in person and (act like) he’s not going to do anything. So fuck Mike Jackson.”

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“You’re a UFC fighter, too. You are in the UFC, too. You’re an open book. That’s an open invite to fuck you up or to fight you. Especially at the UFC PI. What do you think Jake’s going to do? More power to Jake. Fuck that guy.

“If you’re a UFC fighter, you’re opening yourself to those consequences. You’re going to talk shit to another UFC fighter, when you guys see each other you’re probably either going to be fighting or he’s going to try to fight you. You see this all the time. Guys are ready to throw down any second.”

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Jackson has decided to press charges on Shields for the assault, with a likely court case pending for a future date.

Was Jake Shields in the right, or was he in the wrong to force a fight upon Mike Jackson?

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