Brok Weaver Wins After Kazula Vargas Gets DQ’d – UFC Rio Rancho Results

Weaver Vargas
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Next up on the UFC Rio Rancho main card is a lightweight bout between Brok Weaver and Rodrigo Vargas.

Round 1: Vargas is very active with strikes to start the fight. He lands a number of leg kicks. He soon partially lands a flying knee after getting Weaver off balance by catching his body kick. Vargas takes Weaver down. Weaver counters with a tight guillotine but Vargas escapes. Weaver gets up to his feet but Vargas looks to take him down again. Weaver attempts a kimura to no avail as he gets taken down. Vargas lands an illegal knee to Weaver’s face as the referee calls an end to the fight.

Official result: Brok Weaver defeats Kazula Vargas via DQ (R1, 4:02).

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