BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid released a statement today concerning the company’s stance on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The Bahrain-based promotion has upcoming events planned for Brazil, Romania, and Sweden. The first of these BRAVE CF 35 is set to take place on Sat. March 28 in Brazil, with the Romanian and Swedish events set to follow shortly after.

Shahid did not explicitly state that these shows will be canceled, but in the current global climate, it is hard to see these events progressing as planned.

Here is the statement in full.

” This is a message for BRAVE Nation. For fighters, fans, managers, reporters, and everyone out there. The world is going through a very difficult moment, and these are the times when we must unite as human beings.

We, at BRAVE Combat Federation, are aware of these very challenging times as we urge you to follow the advice of WHO (World Health Organization) to stop the spread of #CoronaVirus.

This is not something to be taken lightly and I want to personally assure you that BRAVE Combat Federation is working towards a healthy solution for its events.

Because of the nature of this situation, we are not aware of what will happen in the coming months, and we will be taking things step by step. BRAVE CF will be keeping a close eye on all developments, as well as taking the advice of the World Health Organization and the local government authorities. That includes our show in Balneário Camboriú, on March 28, and our events in Romania and Sweden.

Our job is to put on events and entertain the people. Fighters, managers, and trainers have a job to do, but this is a global issue, a world problem, and these are the priorities.

Every step we take will be in the best interest of the public, the governments, and the people. This is my personal promise to you and our top priority right now.

“Let’s be BRAVE and united we fight,”