The coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the world has left the vast majority of MMA promotions in a limbo-land of postponed events, clouded futures, and financial stress.

However, rather than simply sitting on the sidelines waiting until a measure of stability returns to the industry, BRAVE CF has rolled up its sleeves to help raise awareness on ways to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Last week the Bahrain-based MMA promotion launched its own educational awareness campaign, which it has called #BRAVECombatsCovid19, to help in the battle against the virus.

BRAVE has drafted in many of its most well-known athletes to help with the campaign. The UK’s Carl “The Bomber” Booth “recently posted a message on social media where he spoke directly to fans about his postponed bout as well as what people should do to keep safe during this outbreak.

The company’s graphics team has also been busy creating images and videos to help get the word out. One example is the clip below, which highlights the need for people to avoid shaking hands with one another at this present time.

Avoid Shaking Hands.

Beat Covid-19. Avoid shaking hands.#BRAVECombatsCovid19 #UnitedWeFighter ……#coronavirus #pandemic #awareness #campaign #comingtogether #jointhemovement #raiseawareness #support #mma #mmalife #thursday #thursdaymotivation #fight #contagion #together #onefamily

Posted by BRAVE Combat Federation on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hopefully, BRAVE’s campaign will inspire other promotions to also help out in the fight against COVID-19, because when it comes to something as global reaching as a pandemic, every bit of help counts.