UFC 300’s Bo Nickal dubs Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs a ‘freaking fraud’ in fierce exchange

UFC star Bo Nickal dubs Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs a 'freaking fraud' in fierce exchange

Bo Nickal dubbed Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs a “freaking fraud” following a heated exchange during the NCAA Wrestling Championships.

Their quarrel began as Burroughs provided commentary for ESPN’s broadcast as Penn State’s Carter Starocci took home his fourth NCAA Division I title with a 2-0 victory in the finals. Starocci accomplished the task while fighting through a knee injury that some speculated could be a torn ACL. During the match, Burroughs told UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier that Starocci’s opponent should have targeted that injured leg.

Bo Nickal slams Jordan Burroughs' commentary during Carter Starocci's history-making NCAA win

Following the win, Starocci spoke about the upcoming Olympic trials where he is expected to compete at 74 kilograms (163 pounds), the same weight class as Burroughs. Again, Burroughs made it clear that he would target Starocci’s injured leg, should their paths cross.

“He said April 19 and 20. I know a guy that’s going to be there,” Burroughs said on the broadcast. “I’d love to see him. I tell you what, if him and I meet each other in the bracket, I’m going right for that right leg.”

Nickal, who won three NCAA titles while competing for Penn State, slammed Burroughs’ comments, calling him “unprofessional” for openly admitting that he would target the injury.

“Really classy Jordan Burroughs as a commentator saying you’d target Starocci’s injury in competition,” Nickal wrote on X. “Sad that you think that way and even if you do you should keep that to yourself it’s unprofessional. For all your accomplishments I’d expect more.”

Burroughs quickly replied to Nickal’s criticism, writing: “You punch guys in the face for a living. Shut up.”

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Bo Nickal accuses Burroughs of stealing Starocci’s moment

While speaking of the incident on his podcast a few days later, Nickal doubled down on his comment and trashed Burroughs for attempting to put the spotlight back on himself rather than allowing Starroci to celebrate becoming the sixth person in NCAA history to win four Division I wrestling titles.

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Bo Nickal slams Jordan Burroughs' commentary during history-making win for Carter Starocci

“It’s not his moment,” Nickal said. “So why take a guy’s fourth national title and one of the biggest moments in his career and make it about yourself? To me, it just shows his character. The thing that bothers me is nobody sees this. He always tries to act like an ambassador of the sport and, ‘Oh, congratulations to Penn State, I’m so proud of you guys and what you’re doing.’ Bro, you’re a freaking fraud. You just want to make it about yourself” (h/t MMA Fighting).

Nickal will return to the Octagon on April 13 to lead off the UFC 300 main card in Las Vegas. With the Olympic trials scheduled to go down the following week, Nickal hopes Burroughs keeps the same energy should they cross paths at the event.

“Don’t come at our guys and don’t act friendly to me when I see you,” Nickal added. “Because I guarantee you, he’ll try to see me and be like, ‘What’s up Bo, dap it up,’ and be cool. I’m like no, we’re not cool. I don’t really care to be cool with you.”