UFC Legend BJ Penn denies the existence of dinosaurs, evolution, and aliens in confusing online rant

BJ Penn

BJ Penn is widely regarded to be one of the greatest fighters in UFC history. Even former lightweight world champion Anthony Pettis recently labeled him as the top 155’er of all time. Sadly, much of Penn’s legacy has been overshadowed by his long-winded and often nonsensical conspiracy theories on social media.

On today’s menu at BJ Penn’s Crazy Cafe is a mind-numbing rant that throws shade at evolution, aliens, and dinosaurs.

There’s no way to break down any of this in a way that makes even a semblance of sense, so we’re just going to post it below and let you try to decipher what’s going on here.

“#America ended the war when they bought Alaska and Oregon from Russia that is now America won the west !! But these guys lie the whole f*ckin time !!! Same with us Hawaiians! Just the same as f*ckin fake as Dinosaurs, Neanderthal man, and aliens are!!! Evolution is even worse because those evolutionist liars need the native Hawaiians to make their fake evolution for humans .

“F*ckin liars. We living in a movie Leomana. It’s almost pau ! They invented the word native for evolution!! Sick people. I wasn’t there. When George Washington was fighting England and writing the constitution they wanna like we was throwing rocks ! We are living in a movie ! It’s speeding up now real fast Cause it ends at 2050 then resets back to 1850 ! I wish we had real news ! We don’t know sh*t !!!! All guessing! Extraterrestrials are real! Everything the government tells us is a lie.

“Gotta have at least hidden island like Hawaii and maybe even continents that we can’t go to. I think the other continents we don’t see on the elementary world maps gotta have extra land. There is no law that says they can’t lol”


‘Wonderboy’ Thompson doesn’t want to end up like BJ Penn

Recently, perennial UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson referred to BJ Penn when asked about his potential retirement from the sport. Though ‘Wonderboy’ didn’t come straight out and suggest Penn is suffering from CTE, he implied as much while speaking with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“B.J. Penn was one of them,” Thompson said. He was at the pinnacle. Every fight that he took after that that he lost, it made him lesser of a legend, I think. If he would have stopped at the top when he first did, he didn’t have to come back. … The way they go out there, [like Fedor Emelianenko] he’s getting knocked out left and right, you know what that does to people later on.

“That’s permanent damage right there. It might be slowly bits at a time, but I don’t like to see people take that kind of punishment and then be able to see that later on even after their career how it has affected them.”