UFC CEO Dana white Saved from ‘Death in 10 Years’ by Bio Hacker and human biologist Gary Brecka

Dana White

Gary Brecka, the man behind Dana White’s incredible body transformation, has revealed his role in saving the UFC CEO’s life.

Last year, White stunned fans online with his shredded physique following a 10-week body transformation courtesy of Breck and his wellness company, 10x Health. According to White, Brecka’s genetic test revealed that he had little more than a decade left to live which motivated him to make a drastic change.

“I think giving him a life expectancy just kind of validated it for him,” Brecka told Joe Rogan during a recent appearance on the JRE podcast. “It just really put it in his face. That’s something you can calculate. He’s like, ‘Okay, I’m 53 now. 63 doesn’t seem that far off.’”

Brecka revealed that White’s biggest health concern was high blood pressure, which can ultimately lead to other serious health issues, including heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, kidney problems, dementia, and a slew of other potential diseases.

“Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, all of these things. [Dana White’s] blood pressure was still through the roof,” Brecka said. “I think it was 160 over 110. I want to say it was very high, and it was consistently high. Our clinical team was taking his blood pressure two or three times a day, seven days a week, and it was consistently very elevated, even though he was on blood pressure medication.”

Brecka Explains how a Simple Fix Changed Dana White’s Life

During their tests, Brecka discovered that Dana White had been misdiagnosed with hypertension more than a decade ago.

“In Dana White’s case, he was diagnosed with idiopathic hypertension, which he essentially did not have,” Brecka added. “He was being medicated for it, he had been medicated for it for fifteen years. He didn’t really have hypertension, there was nothing really wrong with him.

“It’s that his body couldn’t break down homocysteine. It was deficient in the amino acids needed to break this homocysteine down.”

Once Brecka made the discovery, things began changing almost immediately for Dana White. He quickly lost 30 pounds and began to feel better than he had in years.

“I should have brought the numbers because I had the week-over-week numbers, it was astounding,” Brecka said. “We just put him on a simple amino acid called Trimethylglycine, an amino acid you can get off the shelf. What it did was make up for this genetic deficiency. This lack of code to break down homocysteine. His body started to methylate to break homocysteine down” (h/t talkSPORT).

White has continued to share methods of maintaining his newfound health on social media. Recently, he revealed details behind an 86-hour water fast that left him feeling like a ‘superhero.’

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