Best Natural Bodybuilders

What is a Natural Bodybuilder

Natural bodybuilding is rapidly growing in popularity. More fans than ever are following the sport and are constantly debating who the best natural bodybuilders are.

Here is a list of the current best natural bodybuilders in the sport today. Check out the stats of the top-ranked bodybuilders below and what they’re known for.

What is a Natural Bodybuilder? 

Natural bodybuilding is a form of bodybuilding in which individuals strive to build and develop their physique without drug enhancement.

The pursuit of pursuing a perfect physique without the use of performance-enhancing drugs, like anabolic steroids or HGH.

These “natty divisions” were created by drug-free bodybuilders who felt competing in standard bodybuilding was unfair.

The term “natural.” in this context refers to the commitment to achieving through entirely natural means. They rely solely on exercise, diet, and natural supplementation.

All of the major bodybuilding organizations, from the INBA to WNBF, now have drug-free bodybuilding divisions. All of which makes contestants go through drug tests to ensure the event’s integrity.

The Differences Between Normal Bodybuilding vs. Natural Bodybuilding 

We’ll also go ahead and spell out the difference between normal bodybuilding and natural bodybuilding. The obvious difference is normal bodybuilding contestants use steroids, and natural bodybuilders do not.

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Steroid use is actually encouraged and a must if you wish to succeed in normal bodybuilding.

The Current Best Natural Bodybuilders

The current era of natural bodybuilding includes some of the sport’s best athletes. Here are the top six best natural bodybuilders in the world.

Doug Miller 

  • DOB: 1974
  • Height: 5 ft 9 In(175 cm)
  • Weight: 185-195 lbs(83.9-88. kg)
  • Nationality: American
  • Pro Since: 2004
  • Other Work: Trainer, Entrepreneur 

Doug Miller is one of the best natural bodybuilders of the 2000s and was one of the early competitors. During the 2000s, Doug would have over five first-place finishes in the sport’s biggest competitions

Paul Kreuger


  • 2021 Natural Olympia

Paul Kreuger is one of the most interesting stories to ever come out of natural bodybuilding. Kreuger would spend 25 years as an amateur bodybuilder, occasionally competing for fun.

Later in his life, Paul got serious about competing. Just four weeks after earning his pro card, Kreuger would win the Natural Olympia.  Becoming one of the best natural bodybuilders in the sport in just a month as a pro.

Eric Helms 

Dr. Eric Helms is not one of the best natural bodybuilders but one of the biggest advocates pushing the sport. Eric Helms is a YouTube personality and, more importantly, a PhD in Exercise Science, who’s also a natural bodybuilder.

Helms has millions of followers and has been one of the biggest supporters of natural bodybuilding.

Brandon Lirio

After joining the military, Brandon Lirio got into natural bodybuilding to deal with anxiety. This led Lirio to become one of the world’s best natural bodybuilders—a 5x world champion, who is a 3x Mr. Natural Olympia, and a 2x Mr. Universe champion.

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Simeon Panda

Simeone Panda is one of the best natural bodybuilders in the world and one of the most popular. Panda has gained a strong internet following, who follow his career and training.

Simeon Panda

Ron Williams

Ron Williams is considered one of the best natural bodybuilders of all time. Williams has won over 250 competitions and the three major titles multiple times. He is also one of the biggest natural bodybuilding YouTube personalities on the web.

Derek Joe

Derek Joe is another one of the newer, best natural bodybuilders in the world. He won the Natural Olympia in 2021 in his first year as a pro and has won numerous other competitions since.

Meshack Ochieng

If your nickname is “The Natural Ronnie Coleman,” you get a spot on the best natural bodybuilders list. Meshack Ochieng is a self-taught Kenyan natural bodybuilding, one of the world’s most famous competitors. 

John Hansen

John Hansen was one of the best natural bodybuilders ever, who competed throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Hansen is now one of the most respected voices in bodybuilding, who hosts a podcast and writes for several bodybuilding sites.

John Hansen

Komang Arnawa

Koman Arnawaa was the second bodybuilder of Asian descent to win the Natural Mr. Olympus. He was one of the youngest champions in the sport and one of the best natural bodybuilders of the 2000s.

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Phillip Ricardo Jr.

Phillip Ricardo Jr. is one of the best natural bodybuilders as a 4x Natural Olympia Champion. When he won his last Natural Olympia in 2015, it was seven years removed from his last world title. This also made Ricardo Jr. the first athlete to win Natural Olympia after losing the title.

The Current Best Natural BodyBuilders in the Female Division

The best natural bodybuilders in the world aren’t just men; women have equally great physiques in their division. Here are the best natural bodybuilders currently in the female division.

Julia “The Jewel” Hubbard

Currently one of the best natural bodybuilders in the world, who has won every major title in the sport. The Olympia and Universe champion, Julia Hubbard, is one of the sport’s top athletes.

Holly Baxter 

Holly Baxter is one of the current best bodybuilders in the female division and a dietitian and trainer. You can follow her training and exercises on her popular Youtube page.

Holly Baxter

Stephanie Hammermeister 

IFBB Pro female bodybuilder Stephanie Hammermeister is one of the most known athletes in the sport. Her figure and intensity helped make her one of the best natural bodybuilders in the world.

Tina Nguyen

Tina Nguyen is one of the world’s most popular female natural bodybuilders/influencers. She has a large following on Instagram, who is watching her become one of the best natural bodybuilders in the IFBB.

Nathalie Foreau

Nathalie Foreau is one of the best natural bodybuilders in France. At every competition she enters, Foreau is always one of the favorites to win.