Who is the best Heavyweight MMA fighter in the World? Is he in the UFC? One could only speculate that Brock Lesnar, Cain, or Carwin are great, but are they the best?

Does Strikeforce have the best Heavyweight Division with Overeem, Fedor, and Werdum?

The only way this will ever get answered is if they do a co-promotion between the two promotions.

Here are the possible matchups:

Werdum v. Cain- This fight would be interesting. You have an all well rounded fighter in Cain. A little small for the Heavyweight division, but very gifted. Does Werdum have a shot? If the fight went to the ground and Cain gets in the guard like Fedor it is over. The long legs of Werdum could make it another win via Triangle choke. If the fight stays up and Cain gets him down, without getting in his guard then Cain wins via TKO.

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Fedor v. Carwin- Might be the slugfest of the century. This fight will be won by knockout, but if by some chance it goes to the ground Fedor wins hands down. If it stays standing Carwin has a chance and Fedor could be KO’d for the first time in his career.

Overeem v. Lesnar- This one will be for all the marbles. The winner will be the best of the best. Let’s take a look at the breakdown. Both fights are huge. Both fighters are very athletic and agile. Lesnar has some punching power, but the advantage has to go to Overeem being able to strike as a puncher and leg kicks. Let’s look at it from the ground. Lesnar takes Overeem down, which I would love to see, and gets on top. Can Overeem get out of this and reverse position? or does Brock finish with ground and pound? Now Overeem takes down Brock and is on top. Can Brock’s wrestling skills get Overeem off? or does Overeem win by punches? You have to say Overeem is a more well rounded fighter in this one, but the question is who’s cardio and stamina will exceed the other?

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You decide: Give us your breakdown on each fight, or just pick the winners.