Bellator/UFC Vet Joe Vedepo Arrested For Assault On Police Officer

joe vedepo arrested

Bellator light-hevyweight and UFC veteran Joe Vedepo has landed himself in a bit of deep water this past Friday, as we learn that he was arrested for assaulting a police officer. The authorities were called to a sports bar in Iowa, where an intoxicated Vedepo was refusing to vacate the premises. A report on KCRG says that things got uglier there after.

Apparently after initially co-operating with the responding officer, Vedepo floored the male officer with a head butt to the chest. The police officer was transported to the hospital with back injuries soon after. The police also attempted to taser Vedepo, but it had no effect:

“Officers took Vedepo to the ground and attempted to handcuff him, but he rolled his body and kicked his legs,” the report went on to state. “Officers deployed a Taser in an attempt to subdue Vedepo, but it was ineffective, police said. According to criminal complaints, it took several officers to pull Vedepo’s hands behind his back.

“Police said Vedepo was placed in the back of one squad car, but needed to be transferred to another. After he was moved, he began to kick at officers and made contact with one of them, police said.”

“”The Doctor” recently had a three-fight promotional spree ended by Mohammed “King Mo” Lawall at Bellator 131. His antics do little but prove there is no solace at the bottom of a liquor bottle, and certainly no sense in assaulting police officers.

We’ll keep you posted to this situation, but the likelihood is that Scott Coker and the circus of Viacom will drop “The Doctor” like a bad smell.