Behold Tim Sylvia’s New Belt He Will be Wearing Everywhere He Goes

(Is that a huge chocolate chip cookie?) 

When Tim Sylvia beat Paul Buentello to win the Powerhouse World Promotions’ heavyweight title at last weekend’s War on the Mainland event, the first thing I thought was, “He’s never going to take that belt off.”
If you don’t know the back story, according to guys Tim used to train with at Pat Miletich’s gym like Matt Hughes, after Sylvia won the UFC title, he ate, slept, showered and did just about every other day-to-day task wearing the belt.

(The bears are quite impressed when they see it’s a UFC champ shooting them.)

Hughes said that “The Maine-iac” even wore it to the grocery store on occasion.

Don’t believe him?

Here’s what Tim had to say about his penchant for doing everything wearing his strap during an appearance on Sherdog Radio from a few years ago:“I’ve had sex before with the belt on. That was back in the Ricco Rodriguez days. The night I won the belt I had a sexual experience with the belt on, but hey, I was 25 years old and it was the biggest thing that ever had happened to me in my life. The girl was like, ‘Hey, are you going to take that thing off?’ and I said ‘No, I’m not. I’m wearing it and if you have a problem with it, then I’m leaving.’  I hate to say it, but if I do win the belt again, then this time it’s never coming off. I’m going to wear it alot more.”The most disturbing part of that whole scenario isn’t that he wore his belt to do the deed, it’s that there’s a woman somewhere who has had sex with Tim Sylvia.

If you haven’t heard, now Tim’s a part-time cop in Illinois. Apparently the department has given him a strict dress code to follow including a ban on his trademark mutton chops and goatee, so he’ll likely just secretly wear his new belt under his kevlar vest.