Ariel Helwani snaps back at ‘boot licker’ Michael Bisping over criticism of UFC 303 reporting: ‘That’s journalism!’

Ariel Helwani snaps back at 'Boot Licker' Michael Bisping over criticism of UFC 303 reporting: 'That's journalism!'

Michael Bisping is not a fan of Ariel Helwani’s UFC 303 reporting.

As rumors began to circulate that Irish megastar Conor McGregor was likely out of his June 29 headliner with Michael Chandler, Helwani offered his insight into the situation on an almost hourly basis. After all, he is a journalist so reporting on one of the biggest MMA stories of the year was both understandable and expected.

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani

Yet for some reason, the former middleweight world champion took great offense to Helwani’s reporting, effectively telling The MMA Hour host to keep his nose out of the UFC’s business in a not-so-subtle way.

“Ariel Helwani’s out there, a lot of the time posting and tweeting like he’s an expert on everything, but he knows nothing, he’s putting feelings out there,” Bisping said.“That’s what he loves to do, that’s his badge of honor, he likes to break news. If I hear of a situation, I’m not doing investigative journalism, trying to find out like my life depends on it, and I’ll risk everything so I can be the one to break it. Because who gives a f*ck? And it’s none of your business…

“What will be will be. Stay out of it you prick!” (h/t

Ariel Helwani lays it on Michael Bisping in fiery response

Never one to back down from criticism, particularly when it comes to his integrity as a combat sports journalist, Helwani snapped back in short order on The Ringer MMA Show, calling ‘The Count’ a “boot licker” who’s trying a little too hard to curry favor with his boss.

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“Michael Bisping, who I see him talking about me on his show, and my reporting, with such vitriol! With such animosity and such hatred!” Helwani said of Bisping. “Hopefully the video I posted outside at 2:30 p.m. would refute that ‘I’m dying to be first’…I’ve just died to be right, to be ethical, and to maintain relationships. It’s none of my business? It’s quite literally my business! That’s journalism! That’s exactly what our job is…I know you’re not trying to be some investigative journalist. You’re a Slap Fighting commentator…

“You’re a former bad boy who became a boot licker who wants to stay in good standing with [Dana White]. So you have chosen to pick a fight with me…in order to curry favor with your boss who gives you a few quid to commentate and be excited about Slap Fighting,” Helwani continued. “To me it’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, and that’s why I refer to him as Bootlicker Bisping. And he can say whatever the f*ck he wants to about me.”

As of this writing, Michael Bisping has not issued a response to Helwani.

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Going 30-9 in his MMA career, ‘The Count’ was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2019 after an iconic career. His biggest highlight came at UFC 199 when he stepped in on short notice and scored a stunning first-round knockout of Luke Rockhold to claim the 185-pound crown.

Bisping vs. Rockhold