Anthony "Rumble" Johnson won’t look back at his UFC mistakes

“I can’t hold onto the past or my mistakes, I’ve got to learn from them and keep moving. I can’t let that stuff haunt me because once it haunts you, I don’t think you’ll ever get over it.  I try not to have too many regrets in my life. I have a few, but when it comes down to fighting, I don’t have any. No point.   The bad stuff ain’t paying my bills.  When it came down to making weight for 185, I just think my body had to adjust from losing muscle to packing on muscle, then trying to lose it (again).   My body was just confused. ‘What are you doing to me.’  But it is what it is. I can’t complain about it, I just have to keep going forward and not even think about the past and just think about my future.  Of course my ultimate goal is to get back in the UFC, but I’m with Titan right now, so I can’t think about anything else.  I’ve just got to think about who I’m with and who I have to compete against. I’ve just got to be ready for David Branch. I’m not thinking about who is in the UFC or what the UFC is doing. When my time comes, it will come.” – Via

It appears that Anthony Johnson has put his many issues with making weight behind him, and is only looking forward to the future with Titan Fighting Championships.  Much has been made of Johnson’s past struggles to make weight, where he at times cut in excess of 50 lbs. to walk in to the Octagon as the much bigger fighter.  Oftentimes this strategy seemed to pay off for him, but it ultimately resulted in his release from the UFC.  Dana White cut him after his submission loss to Vitor Belfort in January after he showed up a massive 11 lbs. overweight.  Will “Rumble” ever make it back to the UFC?

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