Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis made it clear that he’s tired of Nathan Diaz talking trash on Twitter. Pettis knows what Diaz has said about him and according to Pettis, where he’s from, that kind of stuff will not be tolerated. Especially when you can just fight the person and get paid some serious cash for doing so. No brainer eh?

Pettis revealed during International fight week, he and Diaz had an incident back at UFC 188 in Mexico, that never got out to the public.

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“He’s not relevant at all but it’s personal,” Pettis said of Diaz. “When someone talks crap to me in my face I need to address that. Where I grew up that doesn’t happen. He just talks s**t. When I walk past him he has something to say. In Mexico City he had a few words, but it was by the media event.

“He runs over, gets on the camera and stays relevant. I don’t play into that. If he wants to fight, let’s set it up. I’m not afraid to fight this dude. He’s not even top ten.

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Pettis, who is coming off a loss to Rafael Dos Anjos, which resulted in him losing his championship, wants his next fight to be soon. He was supposed to fight Myles Jury at UFC on Fox 16 but had to pull out due to an injury.

With so much bad blood between the two men, the obvious came about. Diaz, you don’t like Pettis, Pettis, you don’t like Diaz, “let’s get it on!” Right?

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No, Pettis turned down the potential fight offer because of the rankings. Pettis is #1 and Diaz is #14 in the UFC rankings.

“It doesn’t make sense for me but the fact that it’s personal is why I want that fight,” said Pettis. “I want to whoop his ass. That’s it.”

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