Anthony Johnson Has Lost Faith In Jon Jones Fight

Anthony Johnson
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Anthony Johnson has lost faith about the possibility of him sharing the Octagon with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Johnson was scheduled to fight Jones at UFC 187, but those plans were scrapped when Jones was stripped of the belt and indefinitely suspended by the UFC in conjunction with a hit-and-run accident he was involved with. The UFC then booked Johnson vs. Daniel Cormier at UFC 187, which saw Cormier beat Johnson.

Johnson revealed in a recent interview with MMA Weekly that he is at peace with this fight never happening.

“I’m at peace with everything,” Johnson said. “Of course, I wish I could have the one fight with Jon [Jones], but that’s just that. That’s probably never going to happen so onto the next.”

“You know what for the longest, I didn’t know what I was going to do after fighting,” Johnson said. “I just figured I would be rich anyway and I would be champion. I thought I’d be making that Floyd Mayweather money and I got slapped back to reality.”

Johnson recently signed with Bare Knuckle FC. According to his manager Ali Abdelaziz, Johnson isn’t fighting for them. It’s an ambassador type of role. He’s technically still under contract with the UFC.

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