Anderson Silva Sheds Light On Recent Drug Test Failure

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Late last year, it was revealed that former longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva had failed another drug test, this time one administered by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency).

Since then, “The Spider” has remained relatively quiet, but he broke his relative silence by recently denying he had ever taken performance-enhancing drugs and offering a potential cause for the drug test failure:

“Nothing, never in my life,” Silva told TMZ. “Because, first of all, my body never changed. Sometimes, the problem is – you use a different supplement and this (happens).”

Silva first failed a drug test surrounding his January 2015 fight with Nick Diaz, but that was prior to the UFC’s partnership with USADA. Since that partnership has been in effect, tainted supplements have been a popular claim made by fighters who’ve failed drug tests and it appears as if that’s the route Silva is taking.

As of now, however, Silva’s future is still widely unclear, although the 42-year-old made it clear that he plans to return to fighting at some point:

“I’m just waiting,” Silva said. “Because the fight is my life. I’m waiting for the USADA decision, but I’m very (excited to come back)” he added.

Are you buying Silva’s story of a tainted supplement?