Amir Khan Explains Why Conor McGregor May Not Fight Again After Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather McGregor
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
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Well, we have finally made it to fight day. The biggest fight of the year will go later tonight (August 26th). That is, of course, the boxing showdown between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Amir Khan believes that McGregor needs to take care of himself during the boxing bout due to the fact that he could seriously injure himself. During a recent interview, the former light-welterweight champion believes that Mayweather could trounce McGregor.

“Looking at it as a fight, I just think that Mayweather is going to school him,” Amir Khan told Ariel Helwani on Friday’s special edition of The MMA Hour from Las Vegas. “After two rounds Mayweather is going to know exactly what McGregor is doing in the fight and he’s going to clean him.”

Khan was then asked about if he thought Mayweather could pick up a stoppage victory over the hard-hitting UFC champion. To say the least, Khan replied affirmatively, and also stated that McGregor should quit during the bout if he is receiving too much of a beating.

“Between rounds six and nine,” Khan said. “I see a lot of punches hurting [McGregor]. He has a good chin, but if you keep getting hit on that chin, numerous times at the same point … how much punishment can your body take?

“Conor is the younger fighter. He’s a young champion. He can go back to MMA and have a couple of big fights. He should not really show too much balls in this fight. If he starts to get a beating, step out, man, because there’s always another day. Mayweather’s a great fighter, and you have to respect that.”

Khan then made a bold statement by saying that McGregor is endangering himself by going into the fight.

“That’s why I’m saying that he needs to think about himself in this fight because if he gets seriously injured, he might not be the same fighter ever again,” Khan said. He might never fight again.”

“The Nevada Commission is really good though. [McGregor] has shown a lot and he’s such a big name and such a good fighter. I just think it’s good for Nevada and good for Vegas to have such a big fight here,” Khan said. It’s got so many fans coming through Vegas, I think it’s brilliant for the economy.”

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