Alexandre Pantoja explains post fight comments about his father at UFC 290: ‘I just want the love of my dad’

alexandre pantoja

Newly crowned UFC flyweight champion, Alexandre Pantoja gives emotional insight to his post-fight comments about his relationship with his father.

In a climate filled with forced speeches, cringey monologues and ignorant takes, Pantoja gave a raw and honest speech after beating Brandon Moreno for the 125lb championship this past weekend. Flooded with emotions, while talking to Joe Rogan in the Octagon ‘The Cannibal’ revealed that he grew up without a dad, and looking into the camera asked ‘now Dad, are you proud of me Dad?.

The moment would make the rounds around the MMA world, tugging at many peoples heartstrings in what was an extremely vulnerable moment for someone who just engaged in back-and-forth war.

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Alexandre Pantoja describes relationship with father

Appearing on The MMA Hour, Pantoja was asked about his post-fight comments, and would share some saddening background.  

My dad drank a lot, I saw a lot of fights with him and my mom,” said Pantoja.

“When my dad drinks too much he’s aggressive, I don’t remember having good times with my dad, you know… But I don’t want to crucify my daddy,” Pantoja continued. “I know he loves me and my brothers and I’m old now he gave the bets he could do, its not close to what I give my kids but he does the best he can. I’m not going to judge him. He left the house, he never helped my mom with me or my brothers, he never gave her money.”

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Pantoja would explain that even after all he had been through, he still though about reaching out to his father during his moment of need.

“I just want the love of my dad,” Pantoja said. “I want to feel him and the week of the fight I thought about calling my daddy to try and take all over the scared [feelings].

“When the fight was over, I was thinking about him, I was thinking about all his moments he can’t enjoy with me, he can’t enjoy with his grandkids.”

After his phenomenal performance and honest following, the 33-year-old has undoubtedly gained a load of new fans.

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