Video – Misfits Boxer Alex Stein removed from event after throwing hotdogs at Muslim opponent

Alex Stein

Right-wing YouTube personality Alex Stein was removed from the Misfits & DAZN X Series 8: Survivor Tag boxing event after throwing hotdogs at his Muslim opponent during an out-of-control press event.

Alex Stein was set to make his boxing debut as part of the Happy Punch preliminary card, but that is no longer the case after things got a little out of hand between him and his previously scheduled opponent Mohammad Kubba, aka YouTube star Mo Deen.

I brought you a little gift because I know you love hotdogs,” Stein said moments before chucking a container of hotdogs at the Muslim fighter. Deen immediately burst out of his chair and climbed on a table in an effort to get to his opponent while Stein continued to deliver a barrage of insults taking aim at Deen’s religious beliefs. “You love pork, right?… I think those are halal,” Stein quipped.

Alex Stein and Mo Deen Respond to Fight Cancellation

While the incredibly disrespectful display generated a ton of buzz for the event on social media, the promotion announced that Alex Stein had been removed from the card as a result of his antics. He took to Twitter later on, claiming the hotdogs that he used were in fact turkey dogs.

Both men have since issued a statement and were understandably upset to find out that the fight had been scrapped. Deen issued a statement, which you can see below, and Stein offered his own justification for why the fight should go on as scheduled. “My own opponent still wants to fight but unfortunately canceling me is more important than the actual boxing match,” Stein tweeted. “Mo deserves the chance to knock me out but they officially squashed that chance for him.”

Misfits boxing events are known for being big on spectacle and light on talent, but as it turns out, there is a very fine line that can be crossed and Alex Stein seems to have found it.