Alex Oliveira To Meet With Police Over Alleged Assault

Alex Oliveira To
Alex Oliveira To
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UFC welterweight Alex Oliveira will meet with police over an alleged assault against his ex-wife in Tres Rios, Rio de Janeiro this coming Monday.

The news was confirmed by MMA Junkie after precinct chief Andre Lourenco told the media outlet about it on Sunday. The expected meeting comes after an alleged incident that took place Saturday.

According to his ex-wife, Oliveira was intoxicated when he showed up to meet her and their 5-month-old baby. He left with the baby on his motorcycle. It was also alleged that he assaulted her with punches and pulled her by the hair.

Once the local police were contacted, officers began attempts to locate Oliveira and the child. They found the child with one of Oliveira’s sisters. However, Oliveira was nowhere to be found.

“The child was delivered to the mother and we started our diligence in attempts to find him,” Lourenco said. “He wasn’t located. Then, (Sunday), we tried contact with his coach and couldn’t, then, his family.

“Then his lawyer got in touch with us and said he’s going to present himself tomorrow. He didn’t say where he was. He could be in Rio de Janeiro, he could be in many places. The fact is that it doesn’t justify a manhunt of him, given the nature of the fact.”

As of this writing, no warrant has been issued for Oliveira’s arrest. This comes from Oliveira’s team, who issued a statement about the incident as well as meeting with the police.

Lourenco noted that he will request an arrest if Oliveira doesn’t show up and has already set up an inquiry into the accusation. Oliveira could potentially face charges. Those charges include bodily injury within the Maria da Penha law and exposing the life and health of others to danger.

The ex-wife has undergone a physical forensic exam, but the report hasn’t been made available yet.

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