UFC welterweight Alex Oliveira is reportedly wanted in Brazil for a number of allegations including assault and child endangerment.

According to Brazilian news outlet G1 (via The Body Lock), Oliveira’s ex-wife claimed she was at the fighter’s parents’ house on Saturday to visit their son in the Morada do Sol district of Tres Rios, Rio de Janeiro.

Oliveira arrived drunk “wanting to ride the bike [his motorcycle] with the baby.” The woman’s testimony added that Oliveira then assaulted her by pulling her hair as well as striking her.

“Cowboy” then allegedly left with his son on his motorcycle, with no helmets, leaving him with his sister before fleeing the scene.

Oliveira is also wanted for a separate incident that involved him threatening a security guard at a party later that same day.

His whereabouts are currently unknown and the UFC is yet to comment on the allegations.

Oliveira is on a two-fight losing streak, and has also dropped three of his last five fights. His most recent outing was a unanimous decision defeat to Mike Perry last month.

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