UFC Cuts Several Fighters Including Fabio Maldonado

fabio maldonado

Well, it seems as if the UFC has shed some weight today (December 29, 2015), as a report has surfaced out of Brazil (Via MMASun) indicating that the promotion has cut Brazilian slugger Fabio Maldonado from the roster:

MMAFighting.com confirmed the release just hours after this tweet was posted. Not only did Maldonado get cut, but several other fighters did as well. Chico Camus, Kevin Souza, Ericka Almeida, Bubba Bush, Mickael Lebout, Vernon Ramos and Jumabieke Tuerxun were also released.

Maldonado, a former professional boxer known for his tendency to consistently engage in entertaining slug fests, has become a fan favorite throughout his time competing in the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion.

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The 35-year-old has had quite a lengthy career in the UFC, debuting all the way back at UFC 120 in October 2010. He hasn’t always experienced success, however, going just 5-6 inside of the Octagon, losing three out of his last four bouts.

Due to his reckless style, it’s not surprising to see Maldonado drop more bouts than others as he’s more likely to be trading bombs inside of the pocket. Despite his lackluster track record, however, it may be surprising to some to see the Brazilian cut as he was fun to watch nonetheless.

What are your thoughts on the UFC’s decision?