10 Former Gang Members Who Became UFC Fighters


Chico Camus

Eight-fight UFC veteran Chico Camus counts himself lucky just to be alive after spending six of his formative years as a member of the notorious ‘Latin Kings’ gang in Milwaukee.

”I came from the streets,” Camus told the LasVegasSun in 2014. “We were reckless, man. We were out there, crazy. I could have easily been dead or put away 30 to 40 times with a snap of my fingers.”

In the end, it was his own mother whose life was almost taken after she was shot during a drive-by shooting that had been targeted at Camus himself due to a feud with a gangland rival.

Thankfully, Camus’ mother lived to tell the tale, and he eventually managed to step away from gang-life, thanks in part to becoming acquainted with future star Anthony Pettis, who was an up-and-coming fighter at the time.

One day Camus asked if he could come and train with Pettis at Roufusport Academy and immediately found mixed martial arts to be a way to channel his energy in a more positive, crime-free direction.