POLL: Who Wins The UFC Fight Night 45 Main Event, Donald Cerrone Or Jim Miller?


Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller are set to do battle in the main event of tonight’s (Wednesday July 16, 2014) UFC Fight Night 45. In quite a tough match of evenly talented and well rounded veterans, it really is an intriguing meeting between ‘Cowboy’ and Miller. Will it be the aggressive clinch work and takedowns of Miller, or Cerrone’s precise striking and submissions from the back that win the day?

We’ve seen both men climb to great heights in the past, and often stumble at the penultimate hurdle. Tonight will truly be a make or break point in the career of both these warriors, and that fact is likely to spur them on tenfold. I’d be willing to bet a large chunk of money on the fact that the judges will not be in play for this bout.

So, on to the question; who takes the main event at UFC Fight Night 45, Donald Cerrone or Jim Miller? Take a vote, and have your say!

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