Who Should Replace Jose Aldo At UFC 189?


UFC 189 took a huge hit last night, when news broke that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has injured his rib in training for Conor McGregor. The news is yet to be solidly confirmed by the promotion, but every fighter with a Twitter account has been offering their services at UFC 189. ‘The Notorious’ is hot property and, belt or no belt, everyone wants to fight the Irish sensation in Las Vegas, the Mecca of the UFC’s Western conquests.

With all the rumours of who might be stepping up, or a potential interim belt going on the line, the obvious question is who gets the fight? Well, there are a few obvious candidates, none more than former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. ‘The Answer’ is back in form after winning four straight in the featherweight division, defeating Urijah Faber, Cub Swanson, BJ Penn and Charles Oliveira.

Dana White may have overlooked Edgar in favor of Conor McGregor before, but will he do it again? Who else is there? ‘The California Kid’ said he’d replace Aldo on July 11th, but as mentioned he is coming off a loss. How about Dennis Bermudez calling for the fight on Twitter, although coming off a loss he is 7-2 at 145 pounds. Chad Mendes is a solid option, coming off a close loss to Jose Aldo himself, and since rebounding by knocking the mullet off of Ricardo Lamas in April.

Outside of those guys you really only have Max Holloway, who was beaten unanimously on the judge’s scorecards by ‘The Notorious’ in 2013 but has since scored six straight wins with five finishes.

Although the reigning champion has offered to fight with his injury, if it’s as severe as it sounds it’s probably not happening. So who do you want to see step in against Conor McGregor at UFC 189, in the absence of Jose Aldo?

  • Space

    I’d say 1 Edgar 2 Mendes 3 Hollaway 4 Faber 5 Bermudez.

    This could go a few ways. Have someone replace Aldo. Have someone replace Aldo and make an Interim title like Werdum vs Hunt. Or postpone the fight like Weidman vs Vitor.

    Does the UFC really want to risk McGregor fighting and losing killing a lot of hype for Aldo vs McGregor which has generated a shit load of hype.

    Or that 22% of ticket sales were from Ireland, keeping McGregor on the card at all cost?
    Shall get interesting.


    It don’t matter who it be … i think McGregor will beat any of them

  • Space

    What’s going on with the main wall chat? It’s not there, also Chad Mendes just tweeted he arrived in Vegas, interesting….

  • I say JOSEPH DUFFY… He was the last to beat Conor and he took to Twitter and asked for the fight. I’d love to see the 2 Irish men Scrap! Other than that, I have to fully agree with Space’s picks.

    • Space

      I want to see that fight to but I’m not sure about that right now…If someone has to take Aldos spot it has to be Edagr or Mendes

  • james

    Guess it depends if you want to pad his record so he can fight also or not. Otherwise Edgar would be a great test to shut people up or not about Connor being able to handle a complete fighter and wrestler.

    Really just wait 3 months. An interim belt would be ridiculous for a injury that heals within a couple months. Its not an acl.

  • apocalypse123

    if edgar is picked it will be the end of the mcregor hype train