UFC Fight Night 26: Browne vs. Overeem Fight Video Highlights


Both Alistair Overeem and Travis Browne were looking to make a statement at last night’s blockbuster UFC Fight Night 26 from the TD Garden in Boston, MA. At first it appeared that the former K-1 champion Overeem would ride his kickboxing skills to victory, almost finishing the Hawaian Browne with a series of knees and punches.

But Browne amazingly absorbed an insane amount of punishment to come back with a spectacular strike of his own. Nailing Overeem with a powerful front kick, Browne stunned the world after a couple stiff hammerfists sealed the deal. It was an impressive statement win, one after which Browne took to the microphone and stated he was looking to fight current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. That could be quite the potential future matchup. Check out the highlights of the power-packed fight from Fox Sports below:


  • I hate to say it but Overeem is done. That is two fights in a row that he was winning by a mile and got KOd. Time to move on man. Open a gym. You'll make a fortune.

    • Reem was done before he came to the UFC. Its shows that other orgs dont have the same level of fighters.Hes only had 2 fights and lost them both.
      If I had any advise for him, it would be slow down your attacks and pick your shots while saving cardio which he knows he doesnt have. Thats why he goes for the kill hard and fast, he knows he cant handle 3-5 rounds against anyone.
      When he went back to the "drawing board" he should have addressed his cardio deficiency.

      • He usually does pick his shots. He usually only goes for the kill when he thinks a guy is hurt. He wasn't done before he got to the UFC either. He is now thought. When guys that have a fifth of your skill are getting in one good shot and ending it it is done. That describes Overeem now but not before the Silva fight. Before then he had some tko losses but the looked a lot different than these last two.

        • His roids are also gone. You've probably seen them, but watch all his Pride fights. Same old Reem.

  • @ :11 listen to the guys voice change to call a flying knee.

  • I've said it before, I'll say it again. Overeem has million dollar fists…and a ten cent brain.

  • I think anybody in the heavyweight division can knock anybody out.
    Overeem when on form displays a gift for the…..K1 for example.
    He has serious offensive capabilities but defensively just can't take those shots.
    I think in K1 those 10oz gloves are wider and give you a tighter deafness versus 4oz MMA gloves.
    You gotta be young, hungry and genetically gifted to take hits that heavyweights can throw….I think you gotta have all three and Overeem has the hunger but not the other two.

    That fight could have been stopped and no-one would have complained….fair play to Browne for pulling through.

  • Actually even in saying all that, Reem should have been way more responsive to those kicks being thrown at him. I know he burned himself looking for the finish but still……