UFC 160 Gate, Attendance, and Bonuses: JDS and Hunt Get Awarded For Classic


UFC 160 came at us live from Las Vegas and delivered the heavy-hitting night of action that fans expected. The event drew a reported live attendance of 11,089 and a gate of $2.942 million.

Fight of the Night went to Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt for their bloody, heavy-handed slugfest that has to be an instant fight of the year candidate. Submission of the Night went to Glover Teixeira for his Guillotine victory over James Te-Huna. And while many thought Knockout of the Night would go to JDS for his incredible spinning kick, it ultimately went to TJ Grant for his title shot clinching KO of the favored Gray Maynard.

Before Dana White announced the figures at the press conference, UFC legend Forrest Griffin appeared to announce his retirement. He cited injuries that cost him 2 out of his last 3 fights, and speculated he would join the UFC and work in a charitable capacity for them.

  • Oh, well…there goes that dream.

    Hats off to Cigano, it was a great performance. Mark looked slow tonight, although, he did exhibit his usual toughness, at least up until the head-kick. The fight itself was about as perfect a thing as a fight fan would want. It was for the most part competitive. It went pretty much the full three rounds and finished off with a great KO. Dollar for dollar, the fans got their money out of that one.

    CV / JDS promises to be a whole lot more entertaining than that joke which un-folded, tonight. Bigfoot was an accidental contender and it showed. I don't even know that he got a punch off. That was just brutal. Bigfoot was not a good challenge for The Champ. That was the general view before the fight. It's is now an affirmed fact. Although CV fans got their win, there was only 81 seconds of a show. Bigfoot did worse in this outing, than he did in the last. In terms of fight value, dollar for dollar this was a bust.

    • @Truth….I hope Mark Hunt is ok after the fight. Mark Hunt has got nothing left to prove and I would be happy to see him retire now like Forrest.

      Cain vs Jnr 3 will be awesome. Not sure where bigfoot goes from here.

      • Yeah, I'd agree that Mark has nothing to prove, but he has a great deal to still earn. I'd say if he's healthy and still into it, he should continue to fight. He must be making the best money of his life right now, why walk away from that if he doesn't have to?

        I love the guy. I'd love to see him continue. I'd be up for seeing him fight Pat "HD" Barry. I think that is a fight the fans would love.

        • Big Foot becomes a gate keeper. He can beat anyone in the world including Cain if it is his best night but the top 5 guys will always beat him 8 out of ten times. Anyone who can beat him is top 5 material though and getting past him will be a great test for future title contenders.
          I was actually very surprised that JDS rocked Hunt with that kick. It was a glancing blow and looked like it was mostly calf (as opposed to shin bone) that made contact. Hunt must have been hurt still from getting rocked earlier in the fight. Either that or I am mistaken about the contact.

          • There's a lot of momentum in a kick from a guy as big as JDS, and he threw it with pretty solid form. It might have just kind of knocked Hunt over and left him open for the punch that sealed the deal.

          • He rocked Hunt with that kick cause Hunt was clearly exhausted, he just wasn't able to absorb that force anymore at that time.

          • I don't think Big Foot is a gate keeper, I think he's just under that. Gate Keeper to me is someone who just can't get passed to the top 3 possibly 4 guys in the division. I think Cain, Dc, JDS would absolutely demolish him. I think in a Travis Browne rematch where he doesn't throw jumping crane kicks and hurt himself he wins 9 out of 10 times. I'd say Roy Nelson beats him. I don't think Big Foot's giant chin helps him against power punchers. It just makes a bigger target. I'd love to watch Big Foot verse Mir?

          • maybe Big foot verse Struve would be entertaining at some point. I know in order to fight Mir or Struve they'd need a nice win since he just fought for the belt and they both just lost, or another Big Foot loss. Josh Barnett could beat Big foot. moreless I think Big Foot was lucky to get where he got on the strength of Overeem being off steroids and overly confident. Now he'll most likely never end up near there again

        • Id love to see Hunt change camps!! I don't think he's getting the best camp. He could be a much better fighter than he is right now if his groundgame and wrestling gets sharpened up. Better cardio and a lil more speed. He's never gonna be lightning fast but he coupt be faster and most def. more fit!

          • @ The Experience

            Yeah, I'd like to see that to. As Mir finally realized he needed a new camp and is beginning show the benefits of that, I think Mark could do the same. The smart thing to do would be to move his family to the States.

            A few tweaks and wins, who knows he could still be fighting for the title.

      • I'd say Bigfoot could fight either Big Nog. He's an interesting matchup stylistically and coming off of a win, whereas Bigfoot just lost a #1 contender fight. Or if Big Country wins against Stipe Miocic at 161, he'll be on a 4 fight win streak. Bigfoot would probably put on a decent fight against either of them, even if he lost. No shame in getting KOed by Cain Velasquez.

      • I DISAGREE, Hunt is still a relevant and very entertaining fighter. I personally still wanna see him fight the likes of Bigfoot or Roy Nelson…Further, no all fighters have great jobs waiting for them outside the cage. Not all of them are treated as generously by the UFC and Dana as is the case with Chuck L and Forrest G.

      • bigfoot vs mark hunt thats the fight i wanna see before bigfoot will retire.

    • Just too comment on Mark looking slow, he stated on his facebook page he broke his toe in the first round.

    • Bigfoot wasn't an "accidental" contender b/c he legitimately earned his title shot by demolishing "then" number 1 contender, Overeem. He was the contender "by default" as all the top guys including Santos (and Cormier) weren't in a position to challenge for the belt…
      Until another elite HW arises, the belt will remain in the hands of CV and JDS (maybe Cormier, if he is willing to challenge his friend, which is unlikely)…

      Next for Bigfoot, a fight with Hunt.

  • Jnr definetly earned the KO of the night IMO.

    • Both Grant and Cain (despite the illegal blows) had better KOs IMHO. They both dismantled their opponents in under a round while JDS took the entire fight to slowly pick Hunt apart. JDS was just flashier.

    • you wanna disagree with Mike Fu-cking Tyson, Bro….

      • Yes, I disagree with Iron Mike. This is MMA, not boxing.

    • K.O of the night maybe… fight of the night? really?! I don't think that was even close to fight of the night. I know everyone has their personal bias toward Mark Hunt because everyone seems to love him. (as do I) I didn't think the fight was that close though… how did it get fight of the night? Mark Hunt was lucky to land 3 strikes a round that did any sort of damage.

  • ian

    Farewell Forrest.

  • 11000 gate with all those sick fights??
    Come back to Canada more often and sell 50000 seats!

  • I was kind of confused as to why they had such a STACKED card at the MGM, I know they love Vegas and it's great for them. With a card like that I assumed they would have been in 1 of their biggest arenas. Maybe I'm giving the draw power to much credit, but I thought it was a BEAST card Main event to 1rst prelim fight on FB

    • There are a lot of great fighters in the UFC and the more they cut dead weight and add more fresh talent. The more stacked cards become (without much effort). U used to get a stacked card a couple of times a year before but now it's turning into more of a trend. Some of the injuries mess some cards up a bit but overall the UFC has been doing a great job providing us with plenty of entertainment.