UFC 158 Conference Call: Is the “Stockton Badboy” good for the sport?


Nick Diaz is an enigmatic recluse. There is no two ways about it. He’s a naturally gifted fighter who could defeat most opponents with little training and dedication. However he does train very hard, and it shows considering he has great boxing skills, one of the sports best offensive guards and a mean overall Jiu-Jitsu game, not to mention cardio that has been considered bordering upon legendary due to all of the triathlons and Ironman competitions he’s endured over the years.

Diaz however is a complicated man, and unfortunately I can’t say that anyone really understands him, with that said he made that task even more difficult during yesterday’s UFC 158 Conference call  where he showcased some more social absurdities, anomalies and some downright confusing responses.

Things get heated at 33:28

To be honest with you, I’ve never been able to understand what Nick Diaz is trying to say half of the time when he’s speaking, which makes sense seeing as how Georges St. Pierre felt the same way and responded bluntly to a long rant by Diaz with:

“I don’t understand half of what he said.”

He continued sharing his thoughts on the matter, ripping into Diaz by stating that English is only his second language, yet he can speak it better than Diaz, who only knows how to speak English. Ouch.

Let’s be straight forward here. Diaz isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. But what he lacks in sense, he makes up for in entertainment value. If you were to ask the question is Nick Diaz good for MMA? Then you’d have to clarify and be more specific because Diaz isn’t simple enough of an individual to just answer with a simple yes or a no.

If the question is, is Diaz good for the entertainment and fighting aspects of MMA? Then the answer would have to be yes, he talks a lot of smack, he’s brash, foul mouthed, he’s naturally gifted in the octagon and he comes to fight with the goal of trying to finish his opponents.

However if you asked the question, is Diaz a good role model or a good example of a respectful opponent and how a champion should conduct themselves? Then the answer is an epic NO.

Most fans and fighters have little to no respect for Nick Diaz as an individual, and for a few very good reasons.  As St. Pierre stated, the guy simply doesn’t make any sense, he obviously isn’t well educated, he may even have some sort of social phobia or disorder, which may or may not be entirely his fault, but at the end of the day, the bird flipping, profanity using, constantly complaining, depressed, angry, tough guy Nick Diaz isn’t a good role model for any kids watching the sport and doesn’t do himself any favors or make himself any friends by acting the way he does.

From personal experience, I enjoy watching Nick Diaz fight, but I disagree with his assessment of modern MMA being boring, his rants about Georges being lucky he’s making all this money, and because of idiotic comments like that, I have always felt like the guy is nothing but a whiner.

That fact is un-debatable, I don’t care how much you like him, he has been complaining about his entire life, his career, every fighter on the planet and every single fight he’s ever been in since the beginning of time. Even when he wins, he still complains, saying things like, I came in here and no one gave me my respect so what now?, or I’m beating all these guys and I’m not getting paid like Georges or whatever.

The guy is a walking pile of angry, depressing, bitterness. If he truly wanted to be successful or wanted anyone to like him, he’d have to drop the gangster tough guy act, which is annoying to begin with, and simply be himself.

Or maybe he is just being himself, and years of living in a bad home or area has left him the cold, bitter man that he is. And it could very well be that he does it on purpose. Maybe Nick Diaz needs to put that chip on his own shoulder to find the motivation he needs to fight and attain success in this sport.

This is one guy I’ll never understand and frankly, I have no desire to understand him. But for what is probably the most interesting conference call ever, and the most heated I’ve ever seen Georges St.Pierre get with any of his opponents in his entire career, I’m interested to see what happens March 16th.

Let us know what you thought of the call and what you think of Nick Diaz in general in the comments below.

  • Epic conference call!

    • LOL i hope nick becomes the next champion.. "powdering his nose" lol

      • and to top things off, the host says ariel "halwini"

    • I thought it was the best one I've ever heard and Nick was the star of the call, no two ways about it. Good for Nick.

      • If by "star of the call" you meant kept talking over people and while never making a lick of sense at any point time. Then you are completely accurate.

        Nick Diaz is an idiot who can't even form proper sentences. He deserves no praise of any kind for anything he did on that conference call. He was nothing but unprofessional, ignorant and blatantly disrespectful.

        • Bryan,

          Are you journalist or fan with soap-box?

          It's getting a little difficult to tell.

          • I'm a human being with an opinion. That good enough for you Truth?

        • With Nick calling out GSP, then missing the first pre fight media gig, calling GSP a ************, throwing around gay short taunts, criticising his fighting style, it was only a matter of time before GSP snapped and started calling Diaz an uneducated fool. Dana has prided himself on having a large band of fighters college educated and respectful…Holy ****, that claim has taken a massive hit after that conference call.
          In defence of Diaz however, I would say he is a great martial artist and appears to be very loyal to his team….Just a shame there is no filter when he speaks

        • Shut the hell up bryan you bastard, all you do is judge, your the most unprofessional employee and to be honest you make this great site look bad, yea you have some writing skills of a undergraduate but that's it! One day maybe you will mature and be less judgeful but until you have the balls to stand in a cage with gsp or any fighter then you will never have the right to give a faulty opinion based off your predatorial standards.

    • But this article is plain stupid and bias tho…

      • The guy doesn't even know how to speak, that's a fact, he doesn't make any sense and he's a complete douchebag who doesn't know how to to anything but complain. He ALWAYS complains about everything, win or lose.

        Since when have facts become bias?

        • well asking if he is good or bad for the sport and then answering your own question is not a good start, saying he wouldn't be a good champion because of his attitude, doesn't help either, saying you cant understand half of the things he say and taking GSP side just adds up against your case, I mean English is my is second language and I can understand just fine. Then saying that he needs to drop the thug guy act and be himself, I don't think Nick is fake, and we would be better Champion than Jones is, you are taking sides with GSP and pointing out things on Nick, but you somehow think Chael is a good guy deep inside, even tho all the things he has said and done, and finally you call Diaz ignorant and not educated but didnt you said something really messed up about Hunt having a Samoan cave man skull, I mean the article shows just how bias you are and there is not two ways about it

          • No man. You're lying, you didn't understand Nick Diaz. I know you didn't understand him, because he didn't stick to one thought long enough for anything to make sense.

            The guy contradicted himself repeatedly. He's socially challenged. My jaw is on the floor with how you guys can't seem to see that. It's absolutely ridiculous.

            As far as Mark Hunt, that was messed up? Really? C'mon man.

            Listen to Hendricks in the call man, nobody likes Diaz, he attacks everyone, complains about them, says that everybody holds each other down but that he's the exception, like he's some sort of MMA saviour of some kind.

            If my article comes off biased then it's because of Nick Diaz' behaviour and the idiotic way he treats everyone.

            And if you don't like, don't read it, plain and simple.

          • @Mr Fontez,

            You've become emotionally involved with a person who you do not know… You see the public face but do not know the man. For instance, imagine all the people who disagree with you… thought you were cognitively challenged as you are overly emotional and struggle to use journalistic objectivity… or have the journalistic integrity to accept your readers opinions without telling them not to read what you write…

            You're actually attacking Nick Diaz based on your own weaknesses, defensiveness instead of openness, rejection instead of acceptance and hatred instead of love.

            Nick Diaz is the mirror to the parts of yourself and also likely your father or parental figure which you are unable to accept.

            Learn to love the entirety of yourself and you will find you find people as they are instead of how you are.

            Ps, please show your rational non emotional intelligence by answering based on the points not on how you feel about the points.

          • That was deep lol. Although not entirely accurate.

            I have thick skin, and have no issues with the criticism or opinions of others.

            I have my reasons for the judgement that I pass on Nick Diaz as a person. And if you look hard enough you'll realize I'm not the only one who feel that way.

            I don't like him, I don't have to like him, and I don't have to like or agree with anyone else who does.

            I'm not emotional, I'm logical and calculated. I use exaggeration to emphasize my point is all. Not everyone gets it, but it is what it is.

            Thanks for trying to keep the peace! But there's no need. You won't find any hate or animosity here. Just some strong opinions and a passion for life.

          • πŸ™‚

            Good response Bryan.

            I'm not a fan of the public face of Nick Diaz either, but I respect his martial and athletic ability. I also know that the public persona is like the tip of the ice berg.

            When you say "I'm not emotional, I'm logical and calculated", I think we both know that there was a specific reason why you had to discard your feelings and replace these with thinking and calculation. This statement lets me know that you feel vulnerable and haven't yet realized this can be a strength when you learn to accept it.

            Lastly, "I have no issues with the critisism or opinions of others" tells me that you are either sociopathic (which I don't believe) or, for some reason you unable to admit this to yourself.

            Good luck,

          • @ Bryan

            Good response – B.

            When you choose to write and express yourself in a respectful manner, its great. You're a solid and passionate writer, to be sure.

            The only thing anyone who has chimed in and criticized you is stating, is that you need to be less fan and more journalist. To simply be more objective.

            No one criticized the article. It was your comments in reply, which gave offense. If you dislike Nick you are certainly free to do so. However, you should find a more professional way of stating your case.

            That is all anyone is saying.

            We all enjoy reading your pieces. It's just that you need to realize that fans of both fighters read them, both your articles and replies and people want to know, regardless of your fandom or dislike of a fighter, that you would be fair.

            Issue dropped.

          • So Now you are going yo tell me what I understand and what not? You are full of **** Bryan, and you know it, you are as bias as it gets and it's cool I understand you have a favorite fighter or a style or whatever, I am bias myself but you should keep it more balanced when writhing and article for a MMA site, also this is not the first time you get all defensive with people that does not agree with you, and guess what we all have an opinion, and we come here to express it so deal with it, you took personal against Diaz and it shows, so probably there is some issues you have to work out, he probably reminds you of the bully that just beat the ctsp out you or something and you probably think that if GSP beats him it allwill be ok or some stupid stuff like. If you can deal with criticism don't write stupid ****…

        • @Bryan,

          A persons ability to communicate maybe an indication of their social and cognitive intelligence – however if you, stop for a moment to consider the physical intelligence which Nick Diaz uses to translate single physical movements which he had to learn into complex sequential movements which lead to submission or Knockout, you might say that Nick Diaz like most people has strong and weak points.

          To postulate that he is stupid seems stupid as you are labelling the entirety of Nick Diaz without considering the entirety of Nick Diaz's attributes.

          My question for you, is it better to see yourself as right, or better to find a better way to think, reason and act?

          Lastly, how would Nick answer this question and how did you?

          Good luck with your learning!

    • people used to say the same things about Iron mike tyson being bad for the sport of boxing, he was a real bad dude back in his day but guess what…. now hes known as one of the greatest ,inducted into the hall of fame , a house hold name and appears on news shows, movies and oprah. its good to have a mix of personalitites bringing more fans in

    • Your last statement is all that matter Bryan you are interested in seeing him fight, and to see if he will get his *** kicked, this is the art of selling fights to the fans. However I think Diaz is real and he just does it naturally do to his personality are you not entertained?

  • Where you at, Georges?

  • It's great for us fans who know what Diaz is all about but for the larger picture, it is going to do nothing and maybe be a negative when talking about taking us in to the mainstream.

    Could you imagine Kobe Bryant going off like this against Lebron on a conference call? They would get fined thousands. Not saying that should happen to Diaz just saying how it is treated in US mainstream sports

    • could you imagine Kobe Bryant doing superman punch to Lebron
      well… probably not, because they're not in fighting business.
      but, i've seen Chisora spitting on Klitschko, I've seen Tyson saying that he's going to **** wifes and eats hearts.
      And you know what? That was entertaining and so is Nick Diaz

      • So your saying because it is a combat sport we should be a lot more disrespectful?
        All that will do is scare the mainstream even more

        • @ Keith

          Be loved or be hated, but do not be dismissed. Nick falls firmly into both camps. People either love him or hate him and personally, I have come to love the guy. I'm still pulling for GSP to win and win by KO, TKO or sub, I don't care, just finish the fight, man…but regardless, I truly like and love Nick and what he brings to the table and I thought he was absolutely brilliant in the interviews. He saved the call.

          • Brilliant????????????????????? What in the god forsaken hell was brilliant about anything that took place in that call?

            The only brilliant moment is when Georges pointed out that he can speak english better than Nick can. Which hilariously Nick didn't even argue with!

            Brilliant is when Georges brought Nick down to reality by stating that any bitterness he has is ultimately his own doing. If he hates where he is, its' because he put himself there, yet all he does is blame others like a god damn child.

            He has the mind of kid, he displays absolutely no maturity or wisdom of any kind.

            He's an imbecile, I have no clue how you guys can't see that, it's right in front of your faces!!

          • Quit fricken "CryinBryan" You started this thread with intent to get a bandwagon of hate to circle the "enemy" with you. He'd whoop your silly a's's' any day of the week and is 10 times smarter than you inside the cage.(thats all that matters)
            Do us a favor and boycott the event….yea right like that would happen. ( * )( * )

          • @ E

            I was wondering where you were on all this. LOL!

            You're boy was getting killed over here and me, the GSP fan, was freaking defending him. πŸ™‚

            Entity…did you listen to the call. I laughed, so hard at spots. Nick was awesome, man. It was really, really, funny.

            I'm sorry, but I think he's a really cool cat. I just don't think most people get him.

            Be good.

          • @Mr MMA Truth,

            Hi man, how are you?

            When you say, "I'm pulling for GSP" are you sure you are on the right website πŸ™‚

            All joking apart, good comment/ enjoy your weekend.

          • @ Odesa

            I would be fine. I hope you are fine, as well.

            Cheers. I read your comment(s), as well. You state your case with considerable thought and clarity.

            You have an excellent weekend, too. Enjoy the fights on the 16th.

  • Anyone else feel GSP was being a bit weird here?
    Nick was going off for a while but then he started saying he likes GSP, looks up to him and thinks he is a good man and does a great job… GSP came back with saying Nick is stupid, he isn't smart enough to become a champion, hasn't succeeded in his life and that he deserves to be beat down.

    Not sure if they've been told to go off on each other but seemed extremely uncharacteristic for GSP – Georges was trolled to death and hated on constantly by Kos but he just smiled in return then smashed him in the fight, instead of talking.

    • @ Keith

      I had a similar thought, but I don't think GSP got or he at least missed Nick's points, on a great deal of stuff. In particular his remarks about pampering. Nick was being very complimentary. I was actually laughing when he was saying it….I'd be pampered too, Mother-F###ER. Of course he would. He was stating to George, that he'd do the same thing if he could afford to, but he can't.

      I don't think GSP got it or heard it properly. Something went wrong there, because he took, what was really a compliment, as an insult.

      …oh, so I'm pampered am I…well, I worked for it, didn't always have it, I need to employ all these people to make the money flow, I'm a big business and all that….

      George didn't get it. Nick was…almost…being gracious, in saying he wished he had it and was basically envious and that he would do it, if he could do it.

      All in all I freaking loved Nick in this call. I thought he did a great job and not in really selling the fight, but himself. I genuinely have grown to like the guy. I think he honest and forthright. I find him refreshing. It's no act and I like it.

      I'm still a GSP fan though and will be pulling for him to win, but if Nick were to beat him, I'll be more than fine with it. πŸ™

      I just don't think he will. πŸ™‚

      • having a hard time reading your post with all these ford fusion ads

      • kind of hard to take something as a compliment when the person saying it is calling you a motherf*****. i don't get why people stand up and say diaz is this great guy. he proves on a regular basis that he's a hot tempered wannabe thug

        • @ Michael

          Respectfully, you should go back and listen to the call. Had I been sitting beside GSP, I would have told him…look, he's actually complimenting you.

          As to his use of the MF word, don't make too much of it. It's just the way Nick talks. It's akin to Dana White using the F-bomb, every other word. MF- in this instance, would roughly translate into "guy" or "dude".

          I'm not trying to be an AH, here, but go listen to it again and listen to exactly what he says. It's actually very complimentary and he's really pretty funny. Not saying that he's trying to be, but, none-the-less, he's being very funny.

          I say all this to you as a huge GSP fan. He's my favorite fighter. I just think that GSP, via a phone call and not face to face and with tons of noise, distraction, language barriers etc,…ended up taking a lot of what Diaz had to say, the wrong way.

          However, there is a point in the phone call, when Diaz is telling the "soccer mom" story, when GSP laughs. You can clearly hear him laugh, because he got the joke, which was….how crappy is my life and how great is his (GSP's) that I'm sitting at a stop-light in my hometown and some local rolls up on me and tells me, that she wants you to kick my ***….that's how bad my life is, how lousy things are here and shows you how freaking popular you are….that people in his hometown are pulling for you…not me.

          GSP laughed at that.

          I've learned to cut Nick some slack and give him the benefit of the doubt and in doing so, have come to appreciate him and see him, in a whole new light. Again, go back and listen to the interview and the only entertaining, funny and even passionate moments, are all Nick Diaz.

        • Couldn't agree more. More where I come from those guys are called douchbags.

          • @ Bryan

            So…so far, according to your reporting on this conference call and it is your reporting, you've called Nick Diaz an…idiot, an imbecile and a douche-bag…good for you.

            Remind me to nominate you for MMA journalist of the year, up against Ariel and whomever from ESPN.

            Mic check on you, my man.

          • This was his opinion of the conference call. That's why it says "Is the "Stockton Badboy" good for the sport?" after UFC 158 Conference call. And not just news and notes, or something of that nature.

            Do you understand the difference between opinion based commentary, and reporting a story's facts as is?

          • @ Evan

            You obviously have know idea of what journalism is.

            Since when did it become opinion based commentary to call a professional anything, a douche-bag, an idiot and an imbecile?

            I was more than fine with Bryan's opinion, as originally stated in his article. The article was fine / great. The problem is that he followed it up, on the thread, with his childish, fan based remarks.

            Evan, if you think that calling a fighter, particularly of the caliber of Nick Diaz, all the names that he was called, here, then you don't understand the first thing about professionalism and business. For, if you think this website can grow and become more successful and more profitable, with these types of remarks, then you are sadly mistaken.

            I know one thing for sure Evan, neither yourself or Bryan would have the balls to speak to Nick or any fighter, with the language and rhetoric used, here.

            If you wish to prove me wrong, just pick up the phone, call Nick, tell him that you're the great Evan Holober from LowKick.com and begin to ask your questions, all while calling him stupid, an imbecile and a douche-bag and see how far you get.

            I bet you don't take the challenge Evan and the reason why, because you're more mouth, than backbone or brain.

          • You're a little ridiculous…

            First off no where on this website does it say that I'm a journalist of any kind, nor have I ever claimed to be anything of the sort. You're the one who keeps calling us that.

            Second, I would never go out of my way to cast insults or criticism to anyone for no reason, but if they asked me you're damn right I would tell them what I think. And that goes for Nick Diaz.

            If you think I'm scared to tell another human being what I think, then not only are you clueless but you're a coward. If Nick asked me what I think of him I'd tell him to his face without blinking. And if he wants to beat me up, well then like an idiot he would just prove everything I was saying about him to begin with.

            Stop the self-righteous bs. Read the articles, leave a comment pertaining to the topic and quit the smart guy using big words to come off superior act.

            Let's keep this about MMA not about the writers for god sakes. If you don't like opinion don't read my articles. It's a pretty simple concept.

          • @ Bryan

            Do you not get paid for your writing? If you do, which I believe to be the case, then by definition you would be a professional. By extension, the profession you practice is journalism. The sad part about this, is that I refer to you as such and you shuck off the moniker. Fine. If you don't see yourself as a journalist, then I shall stop thinking of you as such. However, the LK might wish to re-think paying you for your services and time.

            As to you and your willingness to reiterate in front of Nick, I'll stand by the statement. I don't believe you'd have it in you. Certainly not if it was in a ring.

            In regard to reading your articles, your premise seems to be, read them and comment if you agree, but if you don't agree, piss off.

            Your stance seems rather childish, but I'm cool with it, Bryan. I'm not sure how well that works out for LowKick, with you advocating members / readers boycott your posts, but again, that's between you and the LK administration.

            The only thing that I can say is that I will pass on your posts, if that's your attitude.

            Concluding Mr. Fontez, I'm sorry that you find me self-righteous and that you think I use "big" words. To me, they're not big, they're just words. I'd offer to use "smaller" words in future, but as you no longer want me reading your posts, the point is rendered moot.

            Good luck in the future with your non-journalist career and your efforts in the decaying music industry.

            MMA Truth

          • Judging from the comments it seems only the logical non Keyboard warrior type will agree with what you say. because anything remotely talking bad about "The Stockton Bad Boy" gets weaked.

            It's sad to see that this generation supports such childish and thug like behavior. I read "MMA TRUTH" reply suggesting you wouldn't say that to his face especially in a cage?
            why would you be afraid of saying it in front of him? like you said if he did anything, it would further prove he's a douchebag thug.

            Don't get me wrong as a fighter i respect Nick Diaz, as a person I have no respect for him because to get it you have to give it and he never does that.

    • you're kidding right? gsp didn't even insult Nick until he started going off on his rant. that's when he called him an uneducated fool. don't act like gsp said he was stupid and that's what set him off.

  • Stockton is a very depressing, hot garbage smelling, boring place. If the Diaz brothers wasn't in the UFC they would most likely be exhaling crystal meth smoke just like 85% of the population out there in cow town.

    So big props to them D brothers 4real

  • Great article, Bryan. I laughed. I cried.

    Is he good for the sport? Yes. I actually think we could use a few more, Diaz's. The sport needs both the white and the black hats and everyone loves a villain.

    As to the respect or intelligence issues, I can only speak for myself and only on the one topic, respect. I know I respect him and I don't know enough about him to render a verdict, otherwise. In terms of his intelligence, there are different ways in which it can be demonstrated and from where I sit and even according to Rush, he's not a stupid guy. He's a very intelligent man. So, for me, I'll go with that assessment.

    As a GSP fan and screaming in my best Britney Spears YouTube defense, after cutting all her hair off, video….I say…Leave Nick Diaz, alone. πŸ™‚

    I've really come to appreciate what he brings to the table. He's something to discuss, where so many other fighters are not and these days, that includes The King of Trash Talk & Smack, Chael Sonnen, who now, apparently, seems to have become John Jones biggest fan. How boring is that?

    • You scream like Britney Spears ? WTF.

      • @ Infinite

        Perhaps the reference is lost on you and subsequently, the joke.

        • no, of course i got it, was just picking on you.

          • @ Infinite

            Well, if you're going to pick on me you should do a better job. πŸ™‚

  • Honestly, I think Diaz is a douche bag. Sure….everybody loves the bad guy…in pro wrestling. In martial arts, I always applauded those who were disciplined, could respect each other, before, during, and after combat. Diaz, is a punk, with a shitty attitude. Georges, is a respectful guy, a true martial artists…however, yes, I have griped about his "safer" approach to things, and at times desire to see him defeated, rather than decision another fight with wrestling control…That said, I cannot pick who I want to win this fight. I would rather see Georges get knocked out, than wrestle Diaz to decision, but do not like Nicks attitude and would like to see him get subbed or KO'd. Pretty damn sure he will not though, and it will be St. Pierre buy unanimous.

  • diaz, quit whining like the world owes you something.

    all i garnered out of this is:
    1. nick can't outwrestle georges and is scared of being put on his back.
    2. he wants to be on georges and can't get over his muscles/tight shorts (he mentioned it several times).
    3. he is jealous and wish he could backflip, otherwise it wouldn't be on his mind.

  • Great read and well written, Fontez. I think all these people that think Diaz is going to put a hurtin on GSP are seriously forgetting just how good GSP is. The reason he is in the top 2 p4p list is not just hype. He is a beast who plans and thinks like an architect.

  • My Two Favorite Moments From This Call:

    1. If you didn't listen to it, you absolutely have to, it was hilarious…

    Priceless – Nick Diaz @ 40:42 …."Check it out, Mother-F###ER…I pulled up to a stop-light the other day and some F###ING 40 year old lady….Some soccer mom…Sticks her head out the window and she's like…."I hope GSP beats your ***!"….And we're in Lodi, *****!….I'm like…"Are you serious?" We are in Lodi, right now. You can kiss my ***. F###ING….I'm living in a small town over here, full of people hate me…

    2. Ariel Helwani's name being pronounced as Ariel Hell-Win-Knee, by the bozo responsible for calling on the next questioner and (him) not being informed or knowledgeable enough to know, that Ariel is the best and most well known reported in the business. It was just bad form.

  • Good article. I'm a huge GSP fan but I agree that Diaz has got under his skin, which is surprising, considering that crap that he put up with from BJ and Kos.

    I think George deserves a lot of respect, but then so does the Spider and I found some of Chael antics funny.

    I am really looking forward to this fight. I think one of the reason GSP's finishing rate has dropped is because guys fight him not to lose. But that won't be a problem with Nick.

  • Unless Diaz catches GSP, we are going to see a very predicatble fight I imagine. I don't think Nick will be able to walk down Gsp and use his boxing all night like he does with other opponents. I suspect GSP wiill utilise his jab early followed by a double leg takedown with plenty of ground control.

    • Diaz is going to spend a good part of this fight on his back getting his face pound into hamburger.

  • There is a lot of bias in this so it was like nails to a chalkboard when reading it; can't really say how I feel about Diaz. I like the guy, he's a good fighter, not everyone has to be a role model. Skill is what makes you a champion, not personality.

  • I think Nick is smart he knows it helps him if GSP fights angry so he is ramping it up trying to get under GSP's skin. I would not be surprised if NIck pulls off a sub early otherwise its death by french cyborg lol

  • Diaz is a great athlete but not a complicated man. He is an ignorant pain in the *** who has serious mental issues.

  • GSP is pretty heated up, but i think Nick was was more mature. He is in GSP's head and we all know it. I think Nick is gonna take this one. Coming from GSP's fan-
    Sry for grammars.

  • Oddly enough I actually do understand Nick. I mean things happen, you grow up differently and I know I changed. But i actually know where Nick is coming from. I see GSP' side as well. He was bullied as a kid and he made him self a better person. Nick let that bitterness and anger consume him.

    Not everybody got to have happy lives or happy childhoods and their lives weren't all sunshine and rainbows. Some over come it, some don't. I mean I dont think Nick is a bad person at all. Guy teaches karate to kids with his brother on their free time. I mean, they're very protective of their training mates. Their loyal to a fault. I wouldnt say their bad people at all.

    I actually also agree that Pride had more entertaining ground rules.

    If i was honest, I see GSP winning it. But I dont think people understand Nick. I don't think he's a bad person at all. I think all that anger that comes out constantly comes across the wrong way.

    • No excuse. I came from a rough background too and that doesn't mean I don't know the difference between respect and disrespect. While Diaz ain't the brightest bulb in the chandelier… He's smart enough to know this is gonna garner more attention to the fight. Regardless of where you come from and what you been through, you grow up at a certain point and realize that the world doesn't owe you anything. He's not just cocky and arrogant, he's just burnt! And he ain't as hood as y'all keep thinking……you can hear it in his voice. He's a burnout who can fight Hus *** off.

  • He's gotta be a poster child for ritalin. Nick's thoughts come so fast he can't distinguish one from the next.

    • Thank you!!! The guy can't even form concrete thoughts! It's like his mind is made out of play doh!

      • @ Bryan

        Wow, man. You just keep adding to the insults, don't you?

        Nick is (only) 29 years old and he's fighting for the WWT of The UFC, come the 16th of this month. A great many people know, not only his name, but his (well earned) reputation, as well. You yourself are employed by this website to comment on his fights.

        May I ask Bryan, what are the great accomplishments of your life, which allow you to sit on this site and pontificate in such a negative manner, as to the accomplishments of Nick Diaz's life? In particular, what are the great MMA accomplishments of your life, which allow you to trash Nick in the manner in which you have?

        You started out with a nice and somewhat funny review of the conference call. Now, in response to the posts on your article, you've chosen to switch gears on the subject and go from reporter / reviewer, to soap-box fan.

        Its just bad form all way round on your behalf and again, I say that respectfully. You need to curb your enthusiasm, Sir. That is, if you wish to be taken seriously as an MMA journalist.

        You're no longer a blogger, Bryan. You are supposed to be a professional. So, please, as a GSP fan and in defense of Nick Diaz and all of his fans, would you please do us all a favor and relent. Stop all the ad hominem attacks.

        • Truth………thats the kind of reaction you get from folks who would be very intimidated having him say that to them in real life, upclose. They are weak, yet tough at the keyboard.
          Oh well back to work.

        • @MMA Truth
          " pontificate"
          are you Stephen A Smith?

  • @ Bryan


    I read your reply and I had to ask myself, as a member of the staff of this website, are you blogger or fan?

    Your are over the journalistic line here, Bryan. You are advocate, not a reporter.

    This is not fair defense, it's propaganda.

    I like you Bryan. I know we've had our bout(s), but you also know I appreciate both your MMA point of view and your music.However, you've crossed the line, here and what you are doing, now, is nothing more than becoming a cheer-leading squad for all things, George…and I say this to you as a (fellow(?)) GSP fan. I love the guy. He's my favorite fighter. All of his low-finishing percentages, aside.

    Bryan I ask you two questions…

    1. If you could have the first post-fight interview with Nick Diaz, would you approach the interview, with the attitude you've posted, above? Would you refer to him as an "imbecile", for example? My guess is, that you would not. Regardless of (his) win or loss.

    2. As you are an entertainer, a musician or singer (and the two are not the same) how should or would you feel, had I reviewed your band as not much more than a Guns 'n Roses, wannabe, derivative band, devoid of its own voice, trying to relive "the" 70s' rock-star status? My guess is that you wouldn't be happy and that, subsequently, you wouldn't grant me an interview if I called up and asked for one.

    You're not just the audience anymore, Bryan. Show some mutual respect for your fellow performers and stop being displaying your bias. At least so overtly.

    There are two sides to a coin and there are going to be two POVs', to a debate. You need to quell your bias.

    I say all of this with respect.

    • Doesn't sound like respect. But it's all good, I have thicker skin than most. I love criticism especially when it comes to my music.

      If you trashed my band, the truth is I would be even MORE inclined to do an interview with you. Which goes to show that you don't know anything about me.

      From this point on if your comment isn't MMA related, I won't be responding.I don't have the kind of time you do for these stupid debates.

      • @ Bryan

        It doesn't sound like respect? How should it sound? Should I have called you a douche-bag or an imbecile, stupid or ignorant?

        I don't claim to know anything about you, Bryan. Do you claim to know all these things about Nick Diaz?

        You do have the time, you just can't win the debate and if the debate is stupid, it would only stand to reason, for the debate arose from your remarks, which were stupid.

  • Haha Bryan is doing the nick diaz version blogging!! why hate on him when you defended Diaz??? Nick is Overated flat footed fouledmouth Scumbag!! this is Martial art, being disrespectful aint part of it..some called u M*#* and belittle your hardwork to pampared,now thats disrespectful in my book.Nick has been ranting since his Elite days, I dfntly do not want him as a champ specialy when MMA is still growing. btwn Why does Diaz always look left,right and his back during interviews, is he scare of some1 snatching the little money (according to him) he made?? lol

  • Bad fight for GSP. He's doomed.

  • "I'm sorry, come again? a dark place?" u can hear ppl in the background laughing. diaz has talent to back up his personality, he's not bad for the sport. so what he's rough around the edges, it's entertaining

  • To Me its sounds like Bryan has a crush on gsp n would drop to his knee's if he was giving the chance..I hope Nick wins so i can see this pillow biter make excuses to why he lost ……………….

  • Zip

    Why so much hate directed at Bryan? It was just an opinion. Love Nick as a fighter, but as a person, he is a bit of a ****, although a very entertaining one πŸ˜‰

    • It definitely was just an opinion, but apparently that's not allowed.

      • Zip


        I enjoyed it πŸ™‚