There’s More: Conor McGregor Slaps Security Guard At Bellator 187

Per Haljestam for USA TODAY Sports

The mixed martial arts (MMA) community is currently abuzz with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s insane decision to jump into the cage and shove referee Marc Goddard at today’s Bellator 187 from Dublin, but a new video has surfaced of him taking his antics to a new level.

A video has just arrived from TMZ Sports showing McGregor jumping back onto the cage wall after exiting it following the outright wacky scene to slap a security guard instructing him to cool it.

Check it out here:

Leave it to McGregor to turn an otherwise calm day in MMA into outright pandemonium.

UFC President Dana White has said there is no excuse for touching an official in the cage, blasting Roy Nelson and cutting Jason High for doing just that in the past, so it will remain to be seen if there’s any punishment for the UFC’s biggest star.

Something tells me there won’t be.

  • Shock Wave

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… “Cocaine Connor”.

    Not even Conor knows what he’ll do next!

    He’ll have no problem making featherweight now! 😁

    • TD2805

      Lol when I first watched this, my original thought was “Conor has to be on cocaine.” I’m a huge Conor McGregor fan but there is no sense in this. I’m assuming that’s a training partner of his and the only thing he done was take away from watch was probably this guy’s biggest accomplishment. Let him enjoy the spotlight for one night. They should treat him exactly how they would any normal fan that runs in the cage after a fight. It was also very disrespectful to the man who was just knocked out. Hell, it was disrespectful to the sport in general.

      • Johnny Carcosa

        The security guys should have sit on his face and punch the crap outta him. What a disrespectful asshole.

        • brian nunziato

          He should be banned from the sport for that complete disrespect of the people that have been in MMA for decades and this little bitch comes in like he owns the place. When is enough enough.

      • Stolen Board.

        Are Bellator lawers sharpening their knives? Looked like alot of violations.

        • deepgrim

          they certainly could be, although it is getting bellator a good bit of limelight regardless.

          • Stolen Board.

            I guess & to milk it more with $100+ mils worth of lawsuits would be very funny

          • deepgrim

            i think conor has about 5 injunctions out against the tabloid newspapers in Ireland- that will start to add up, problem here is that he did this at a live show so he cant cover it up.

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    What a complete narcissistic bellend. Has to make everything about his attention seeking ass. If this was anyone but Dana’s fluffer he’d be fired.

  • Fester

    McGregor being himself, blame Dana White for pandering to the foul-mouthed oaf.

  • He is a Grade A Bitch. Karma will nail him. I would prefer a 16 ton truck do that though.