Post-Fight Discussion: What’s next for Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping?


Vitor Belfort’s victory over Michael Bisping is not just another highlight reel head kick knockout. It’s a landscape-changing event in the UFC Middleweight division. Bisping was on his sure way to the UFC Middleweight title scrap with Anderson Silva, but Belfort shattered those dreams with a textbook performance inside the Octagon.

So what’s next for The Phenom? Belfort called out Chael Sonnen in his post-fight interview, with sights on another run in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. Sonnen later declared he accepts the Brazilian’s challenge, and will be happy to solve this conflict after the upcoming date with Jon Jones. Belfort could still be a serious threat to Anderson Silva’s reign as a champion, but it seems as the former champion is not interested in another ‘interesting experience’ with “The Spider’. If Belfort makes a permanent move to the UFC Light Heavyweight division, I would like to see him against Glover Teixeira, who will face Rampage Jackson at next weekend’s UFC on FOX 6.

As for Bisping, it’s back to the drawing board. Personally, I would be absolutely stoked to see Michael Bisping vs. Alan Belcher. Those two don’t like each other, and it will be interesting to see whether The Count manages to bounce back against a strong striker in Alan Belcher. Tim Boetsch is also an interesting option, but I think it would be a safe thing to say that we all want to see Bisping vs. Belcher.

So what do you think, LowKick’ers? More than anything, who should be next for Anderson Silva? Hit the keyboard!

  • defenatly a good stoppage. bisping wasnt defending himself a got rocked big time by the headkick!!!

    i hope vitor fights weidman and bisping gets his ass kicked by the "poison dwarf" lombard

    • @The article

      I thought vitor wanted a rematch with bones and he just insulted chael. Don't really see why vitor would waste his time with chael IF he could have jones again, which he probably can't since his last win is in a completely different division

  • Bisping fights Belcher and Vitor fights Rockhold. Give Weidman his title shot.

    • Agreed there.

    • i agree with you 100%, but Weidman doest have those PVV numbers, even tho it doest matter to me, you or most "hardcore" fans it matters to Zuffa. If thats the case then have Weidman vs Vitor and guarantee the winner a tittle, have the one that loses fight Rockold, if Rockhold wins he becomes the #1 contender that way they have enough time to promote Rockhold and give him his chance.

  • You can't argue the stoppage. I'd rather see Vitor fight Chael Sonnen after Jones destroys him. Bisping I'd like to see fight Mark Munoz or Weidman if he doesn't get his shot.

  • Although Vitor would have won regardless, I thought the stoppage was a bit premature.

    As for Chris Weidman, I think he is one of the most overrated fighters in the UFC and he is starting to believe in his own hype, sadly. If you think Anderson is dodging, then you're sadly mistaken. Yes, you're on a winning streak, but Who have you really beaten in the UFC? Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, well, I'm still waiting. Lol – he barely beat Demian Maia.

    Like Money May would said: 14 men have tried, 14 men have failed.

    • Weidman is a huge Middleweight who gave Mark Munoz fits at wrestling, Munoz's strong point. But just how healthy was Munoz in that comeback fight? He looked out of shape for him. Weidman v Maia was a boring standup battle where both fighters looked in quicksand. I think Weidman is a good fighter but he needs to beat a top fighter who is healthy and ready, then he can get a shot at Anderson. Where I think he gets knocked out, but still, who is left? I guess Lombard would be cool. Rockhold, sure why not.

      • Well said, Mike. I thought Munoz looked unhealthy and sloppy

      • @ Mike

        I'm tired of all the calculus and all the hoops, when is The Champ going to defend his belt and against who?

        Mike, I just don't get the point of all these proving bouts, where, apparently, nothing is ever proven. Given the lay of the land in the 185, to me, Belfort earned a title shot last night. I have no idea why he called out Jones for a re-match, when he's the only guy @ 185 right now, who has a legitimate claim to a title shot.

        To me, Anderson is getting a free ride in this division. I respect The Man, his talent and accomplishments, but this is becoming ridiculous. He needs to defend it or vacate it. One or the other.

        How I feel about it, at any rate.

        • I hear ya there. Anderson is definitely holding the MW hostage to some degree. Also, Belcher and Boetsch losing put it back a few months. No way Okami gets another shot at Anderson, even if he beats Lombard.
          Weidman mayor may not deserve it, and Belfort obviously has a much better resume. Anderson has repeatedly stated he doesnt want the Weidman fight.
          But when you're a world champion, you take on all comers to prove you're the champ. Dana White's words. Now let's hope he adheresto them and we see Silva in the octagon sooner than later.
          Tough Situation.

          • @ Mike D…Anderson wants the forrest fight, he wants the Bonnar fight, yet he doesn't want to face weidman in his own division….???? and doesn't want a rematch with belfort, and wants to sit out most of 2013.

            Dana needs to spank anderson with that championship belt.

          • Exactly.

          • Belfort's resume is not better than Weidman's (at MW). The only way one can say that is completely discrediting every top tier win he has there. Maia was ranked anywhere from the top 5- lower top 10 when Weidman beat him (on short notice where he cut 30 lbs in 2 weeks). Munoz was the universally considered top 5 fighter with the #1 contender spot waiting for him if he beat Weidman. Weidman trounced him, and suddenly Munoz might not have been healthy (which is not surprising considering 50% of the MMA world fights at less than 100% conditions).

            Weidman's done this while Belfort has already lost to Anderson, and beat up Akiyama and a Johnson who came in 12 lbs overweight because he passed out trying to make 185. His win over Bisping was great, but that doesn't make his resume better than Weidman's. Especially considering his overall record is 3-2 in his last 5 fights.

          • Also thought the stoppage was a bit quick.

            Not Miragliotta's fault though. People bitch when he gives a fighter like Tavares a chance to fight through it against Nuromomomomomomomomgedov, so we can't have it both ways.

            Although I'd say just let things go a little longer in the grand scheme of things.

  • I don't know why Vitor (just) wouldn't be given the shot. It makes no sense to me. Vitor took no damage last night and could climb back into the ring, tonight, if he had to. He earned that last night and given the fact that Weidman won't be ready until summer, what is the 185 division to do…wait?

    And let's bare in mind, too, that if the division is waiting on Weidman's return do we have a guarantee that Silva will take the fight? He's stated that CW isn't popular enough. So, to me, there doesn't seem to be a guarantee. Also, if the division is waiting of Weidman's return in the summer, with the understanding that the fight will go off, that will mean that Silva will not have defended his belt in over a year. To me, that's unacceptable. To be frank, it's bogus.

    There is no reason to put Silva / Belfort 2 off. That guy in the ring last night looked great. VB looked healthy, happy, motivated, fresh, in shape, ready to go, more dynamic then I've we've maybe ever seen him and he KO'd the #1 contender. He also went up to 205, did The UFC a big favor and took a loss, in a fight in which he should never have been in.

    What else does Belfort have to do? How long does Anderson or Dana get to play this pick-and-choose game, knocking off legitimate challengers to AS's belt, without ever having to defend his belt. My gut tells me, that even if we put the division on hold until Weidman gets back in the summer, that we'll be told he has to fight fighter X to earn the shot. Which to me would be nuts.

    There is no point in re-proving that which is already proven. Weidman has earned his shot, but he's not ready. Belfort earned his shot last night, in place of Weidman and at the expense of Bisping.

    Dana, give us Silva / Belfort 2 by May. That date would be more than enough time for both fighters to prepare. And it would be early enough, prior to CW's return, to allow for the Silva / Belfort winner to be available for a healed up and camped Weidman, come August / September.

    Put Silva back in The Octagon, sooner-rather-than-later / now or make him relinquish the belt. One or the other.

    • Who has Vitor beaten aside from Bisping? That is why he doesn't get a shot. Vitor is in the mix now from my point of view. If he beats two more top MWs he should get a shot. I wouldn't mind seeing Wiedman get his shot. He makes the most sense right now. Maybe Vitor V the winner of Okami V Lombard for the next #1?

      • If Vitor gets another win over someone like Munoz or Le. Cung was supposed to fight him already and just KOd Franklin so the winner of that fight fighting for #1 contender status would make sense.

      • @ ICP

        I'm sorry, man, but I just can't see it that way. It describes a process and not much more. As it stands right now, according to this process, there isn't a single fighter The UFC 185 Division has, which it can place in The Octagon within the next 90 days. And again, if we are waiting on Weidman, we are accepting on belief that AS will fight him and we are also accepting that AS hasn't and won't be, required to defend his belt in over a year. I'm sorry ICP, to me, that's unacceptable.

        If not Vitor, now, then who, when?

        • If it has to be now the GSP or Jones. I'd rather see that than GSP V Diaz, Jones V Sonnen (really Dana?) or Silva V Belfort.

        • Silva just signed a 10 fight contract, his not going any where anytime soon. I want to see him fight too but cant push things. remember everything is possible what IF Vitor wins, does that mean Silva gets an instant shot? since he is the G.O.A.T and people would want that like crazy!…the Weidman gets screw again and have to wait? its not about pushing Silva to fight its about getting the right #1 contender, Silva will have his match and its not looking easy…Lombard,Rockhold are also in the come up.

    • yea silva hasn't been in the ring for like 2 years already….

      Help stop stupid people, i can't do it alone

      • Nemesis, I can't believe you wasted your time reading those meaningless long posts – lol.

        • @ UG

          Well, at least it demonstrates that Nemesis can both read and doesn't suffer from ADD. It also demonstrates that he's not threatened or challenged by cogent thought. Finally, it demonstrates that Nemesis doesn't think 500 words is long. To be honest, most people, at least with an education, would probably not find 500 words long. As a matter of fact, anyone who would find 500 words long is funny – lol

  • Jon Jones, what a punk. "what do you guys think about the stoppage" mmhhhm hhhmmmm, what a sh*t-head.

    • Yeah, I didn't get that either. I thought the stoppage was fine. And as always, I'd rather see a fight get stopped early, than late. As did happen last night, by the way. There's nothing worse than seeing a fighter take unnecessary, when the outcome / loss is clear.

      • * unnecessary damage

        • I think sometimes due to a fighters reputation the ref will allow them to take more of an " unnecessary beating " before they call the fight. However, I do agree with last nights stoppage.

  • On an unrelated note:

    I just wanted to make note of how Bisping took / has taken the loss. He's has been most gracious and humble. He has made no excuse and give Vitor his fair due.

    Good for him. It's just one more reason why he has grown on me as a fighter. I wish him all the best on his road of return and redemption, in the 185 division. Kudos to him for putting up a good challenge last night. He came to fight. It just wasn't his night. BOL in the future.

  • MMaTruth…….Maybe the GSP fight will happen in late 2013 with the Bisping title now squashed. UFC have also said they want to do something big around the time they expect New York to get the green light. Anderson has been talking tough about GSP, so it seems that is what might happen next.

    • @ Enjoy.

      I just don't see it happening. And to address a more realistic goal Enjoy, why doesn't the man simply take a fight in his own division and defend his title? If he's going to wait for GSP at X weight and that doesn't happen until December…then what? He waits another six months or so, to fight again? And will that fight be a title defense or another "super-fight"?

      No 321, he needs to / must be required to, tell the fans and the division what's the plan, here. For if he's chasing a GSP super-fight, that might mean he goes without defending his belt for…what, 18+ months? Sorry, but that is bogus. And IMO, unacceptable. To me, at that stage of the game, whoever the Bellator 185 champ is / would be the real 185 World Champ, because he's defending a legitimate belt. Of course the strange thing about that would be, is that Lombard is the former / walked away Bellator 185 Champ. So, if Lombard keeps winning, by default, he's probably The Champion. That is, unless Anderson defends his freaking belt. That's all anyone is asking.

      • @MMA Truth……i would like to see Silva make a permanent move to light heavyweight because after weidman and belfort there doesn't seem to be alot of guys out there left for him..Problem is Silva has his brazilian buddies like lyoto in that division who he wouldn't fight.

        • @ Enjoy

          Yes, there's too much of this "won't fight my buddy" crap, in The UFC. It's the reason I put MacDonald on my list of possible opponents for GSP. Friends or no friends, fighters should fight.

          Either way, I don't see Silva ever moving to 205. It's too late in his career. The threat to his legacy would be too large. There are too many beasts @ 205 who could pose serious problems for the wrestling challenged Silva.

          Anderson is running out of bodies, IMO, in terms of lesser challenges. I don't think he could will ever go back to 205 and get the types of opponents that he has gotten. I think if he ever ventures north of the 185 calorie border, he should be required to fight guys like Evans, Davis, Gustafsson etc. and not guys looking to retire or at the end of their careers.

          And as you made note of, I wish I could add Machida's name to the list of 205 fights for AS, but….we can't. They're buddies. It's BS. Fight-the-fight given.

          • @MMATruth….Glover would be another guy to that list….

            It seems there are a 101 ways to get out of a fight …Agent disagrees, fighters disagrees, injury, need time to spend with family, making a movie, business interests etc etc…

  • Vitor versus shogun at MW or LHW would be awesome.
    or vitor versus the winner of evans vs lil nog

  • Hey Anton, i really like this format of creating a discussion from what the fighters tweet. Makes for a great discussion, should have them with the rest of the staff opinions similar to the "UFC Predictions" Articles.

  • Didnt it come out after the jones fight that vitor went in with a fairly serious injury, or sustained one during the fight? Thats why he was pulling guard in the later rounds? Maybe the phenom thinks if he goes in fully fit and with a better camp he has a genuine chance to beat bones. Id def prefer him to stay at 185 though and fight any of phillipou, lombard, maia or rockhold. P.S If dana manages to get the MSG anniversary event to happen there is NO WAY one of these superfights will not headline it. (Barring injury of course!)

  • Bisping was the next guy in line. He got beat, and that leaves Weidman. Anderson doesn't seem too forceful about anything going on right now, so just let him wait for a big summer fight against Chris. Summer fights sell better so that will help with Chris's lack of name value. Not only is he the most "deserving" in the division right now, but he is easily the best match up stylistically. GSP fight isn't happening. The Jon Jones fight isn't happening. Have him fight Weidman with a decent Co Main card fight that'll drive up PPV buys.

    Simple, IMO.