Pat Miletich explains his comments on Anderson Silva versus GSP


Last week MMA pioneer Pat Miletich took to the airwaves and made some comments that had people absolutely scratching their heads in disbelief. Stating that Anderson Silva would be a safer fight for Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre than surging likely number one contender Johny Hendricks was bound to gain a lot of ire from the MMA community as a whole. This week, Miletich was interviewed by Bloody Elbow to clarify those statements and perhaps shed some light on his true intentions:

“Simply put, I was saying that Johny Hendricks’ style poses a serious risk due to his punching power and wrestling ability compared to Silva’s lesser wrestling and takedown defense. A loss against Hendricks does real damage and certainly derails the super-fight with Silva. A loss to Anderson does not derail a great career and I’m sure it will contain a much bigger payday for GSP. I honestly doubt, due to style and financial gain, that GSP will choose Hendricks over Silva. Anderson Silva is obviously the top 1 or 2 pound-for-pound guys (ever) on the planet, but styles make match-ups, and bullshit walks and money talks. That’s why I said, if I were GSP, I would choose the Silva fight long before the Hendricks fight.”

These words would definitely seem to be more concise in their message, and maybe his original statement was taken out of context. It is no secret that Hendricks, a two-time national NCAA wrestling champion, has better overall wrestling skills than Anderson Silva. But the fact remains that Anderson Silva is simply the best fighter on the face of the planet today. Until someone beats him, that will not change. One could perhaps make a case for Jon Jones or GSP, but hopefully they will have their day in the cage with Silva. As has been stated before, a loss to Hendricks would ding GSP’s legacy a bit, while a loss to Silva would not be all that surprising. Should GSP take the ‘safe’ route and face The Spider, or should he risk much more in order to defend his long-held Welterweight title?

  • Someone needs to drug test that man.


  • @ the rumble – I disagree. He is correct.

    The MONEY / LEGACY risk ratio favors a fight with Silva. More money with Silva while a loss to Silva wouldn't be as damaging to the GSP legacy as a loss to Hendricks.

  • That logic holds and that is why Silva should go for Jones.

  • "If I were GSP…", but he's not. I really don't get his calculus, here. If he's talking about a threat to his title, then yes, I guess you'd have to agree. GSP could lose his title against Hendricks, the same way that he could have to Condit. Anderson is not a threat to his belt, fight or no fight, unless it happens @ 170. However, if it becomes a question of…scrap the belt, it's just a fight…who is a bigger threat, you'd have to be high to think Hendricks was a bigger threat than Silva. Anderson does not have great wrestling, sure. He has got solid TDD, however and before you can get through that, you have to work your way through the greatest hands, knees, elbows, kicks, head movement, foot-work and speed The UFC / MMA has ever seen. I sat down and re-watched Silva / Okami 2 the other night and just sat in awe of Anderson. When he starts up that clown stuff, punking, mocking and taunting his opponents, it is a sight to be seen. And no one, except for a juiced guy on his best night, has ever come close to doing anything about it. At least not in The Champs UFC tenure. Johnny Hendricks has a great deal of power and is a high level wrestler. That is it.
    Again, can Hendricks knock out GSP? Sure. If he catches him. However, I'd make no more ta-do about it than that and none about his wrestling prowess, over The WW Champ. No one and that includes the high-level wrestlers like Fitch, Koscheck and Shields, who have come before him, have been able to deal with Rush on that level. Anderson, on the other hand, is a freaking nightmare everywhere and to everyone…F##K the wrestling. I cannot see how anyone who knows anything about The UFC / MMA, particularly someone of Pat Miletich's stature, could see it any other way.

    • Well said, but I'd replace 'Rush' with Georges if I were you. Anderson Silva's TDD is highly underrated.

  • I don't wanna be GSP right now