Nate Diaz Calls For More Weight Classes In The UFC


In the wake of Nate Diaz‘s TKO loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7, the Stockton Scrapper has expressed his interest in moving back to Welterweight-much to the dismay of Dana White. The loss on Saturday marked the first time Diaz had been finished in the UFC.

Diaz has also stated that he feels the UFC should add more weight classes, taking to Twitter to make the argument public:

Now whether you are a Diaz fan or not, you have to admit the guy has a point. With more weight classes guys would fight at more of a natural weight, so cuts wouldnt be so severe, we would have more champions and it would enable more fighters to get jobs. Diaz has compiled an 11-7 record since winning TUF, including a 2-2 record at Welterweight.

Personally I think Diaz is more suited to a lower weight class where his height and reach are more of a factor, but Diaz doesn’t see it that way. The fact remains that if Diaz makes the move to 170lbs. he surely can’t have any title aspirations there. His older and similarly skilled brother Nick recently fell short against GSP and I can’t see it going much differently against Nate.

I guess Nate probably feels like his time at 155 is up considering his own unsuccessful title attempt against Bendo. So where should Diaz go from here? Could he be a 168lb. Champion? Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Translation: Nate Diaz has nowhere to go. He can't win at lightweight or welterweight.

    • You nailed it. There's absolutely no logic to adding anymore weight classes, it's completely unneccesary and just dilutes the entire structure and all the divisions.

      The only weight class I agree with is Cruiserweight 206-225lbs and MAYBE Super-Heavyweight. But that's only once they've found a few huge guys who can actually fight.

      • IDK man. I am an advocate for banning wt cuts myself. If there were more wt classes it might dilute things a bit (I'll grant you that) but it would make wt cutting unnecessary. I could get behind that.

        • I agree with you on the weight cuts..weighing in right before your bouts would stop guys like Anthony Johnson making (sometimes) 170

        • How exactly does it eliminate weight cutting? Fighters are still going to cut weight to try and be bigger than everyone else, gaining a size advantage come fight night.

          • It is something we used in amateur wrestling..if you want to step on the mat or in the cage after cutting 30lbs immediately you are welcome to try.

          • I didn't say it would eliminate wt cuts, I said it would eliminate the need for them. People might have to cut a couple of lbs to make their wt but they wouldn't have to cut 15 lbs. Of course some guys would still try to be the huge guy at 155 but I think most fighters wouldn't.

          • Yes..You're probably right..

    • Thats funny and sharp

    • Wins 3 in a row and then loses 1 decision against the arguable best lightweight in the world and a knockout for the first time in his career, and now he can't win? Fair-weather moronic casual "fan".

  • And here I was thinking there was already too many weight classes.
    Maybe thats just me, coming from when the ufc didnt have any weight classes and being the heavier guy didnt mean anything.

    The only place in my opinion that has room for a new weight is in the 230lb area

    • Too many? So there should be 20 lbs between wt classes?

  • 260-300 is not an unlikely market. there are some big people out there. leave the rest where they are. Further thinning of the ranks is not the way to go.

    • Anyone who actually walks around too big to make 265 is too damn fat to make an interesting fight. Watch some footage of super heavy weights some time. It's like watching gay manatee ****. If a guy is that big he needs to lose some wt.

      • p*o*r*n* is unallowed too? jesus ********christ guys!

  • oh yeah, **** it up Nate.

  • He has a point.

    Boxing expanded to many different weight classes because of points Nate made, and because guys just didn't fit into 7 or 8 different areas.

    Its the same way today. Nate clearly almost killed himself to make 156.??. However, he's manhandled by the guys who fit at 170 perfectly.

    Nothing should change though. Its part of the allure of MMA that it has less divisions, and because of that less champions.

    IMO, Nate just needs to add muscle and compete at 170. He's a very long 6'1. His time at LW should be done.

    • While I do think more wt classes is an okay idea, I do agree with you that Nate needs to bulk up. I think anyone over 5' 8" who fights at 155 is too damn skinny and is probably just avoiding guys their own size. 6' 1" at LW is just ludicrous.

      • George roop is an example of a guy who must eat a single corn flake as a meal

  • I want to see the official weights. Diaz is huge for 155. Its not exactly a easy cut for somebody 6 feet tall. For all the people 6 feet tall and think 155 is easy, step on a scale now.

    Nate cuts way too much for his age. the older you get, the harder it is to cut weight.

    Also i understood limited number of weight classes when they could barely scrap together enough fighters for a card. But now, they could go, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 and 205+

    Look at all the guys stuck in weird weights, Alves, Nate Diaz, lombarb, wanderlai, vitor, Franklin, etc etc… their too small to go up and to big to go down and when they do, they kill themselves to make weight.

    I'd also through in double weight in's. Ofsaa for wrestling in Ontario championships do double weight ins, kickboxing in Sanda doesn't allow the guy to come in 5 lbs over what he weighted in. Mostly for fighter safety. The lack of hydration also impacts how your brain reacts to strikes since its floating in liquid right now.

    • The thing is though, those guys you mentioned aren't too small for their weight classes, especially Vitor, he looked massive in his fight against Jones.

      It's just freaks of nature like Jones, Forrest and Tito who are massive for their weight class but can actually make the weight without killing themselves

    • If I didn't try to keep the weight on and lift weights/eat like a beast constantly, I'd be 160 or so. I'm 6' tall as well. It takes over 5k calories a day just to keep at 185 for me.

  • I shudder at the thought of this.

    Maybe in 20 years time when every fighter on the roster is a Rory Mac/Bones Jones type thatis just off the charts, we might need to make weight differences smaller to make it fairer.

    Right now though it would be a huge blow to the sport. The main thing is more champions and thinner divisions.
    This will take us down the road of boxing, where being a world champion in one of the major organisations means nothing more than your good.
    In current day UFC, if you are an undisputed champ, you are more than likely one of the top 10 best fighters on the planet.

    More divisions equals more champions, which means being a champion is less special. More divisions also means thinner divisions which means the new, diluted sense of being a champion is tarnished even more because you are now a champion of a thin division and it can lead to talks of paper champions.

    Sorry Nate, bulk up or go Dolce.

  • 165 and 195 lbs div..!! nate has a point! he would be perfect at 165..

  • It doesn't matter what the weight class, fighters will continue to cut the maximum amount of weight humanly possible to get an advantage. As for weighing in on the day of the fight, that will only bring fighters in dehydrated.

    There are enough weight classes at the moment. But it would make it easier for guys moving from 155 to 165..Nate will be lost at 170. He has already shown he can be tossed around at 155.

  • Diaz brothers need to stop making excuses and learn how to wrestle.