Miesha Tate Picks Conor McGregor Over GSP

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Following his TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather in “The Money Fight” on August 26, the MMA world is anxiously awaiting just what UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s next move will be.

A rumor recently surfaced that longtime former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre would call out “The Notorious” if he were to get by middleweight champion Michael Bisping in his comeback bout in the main event of November 4’s UFC 217 from New York, and it’s hardly a bad idea given the UFC’s need for big-name bouts after a horrendous 2017.

So that’s naturally lead to some discussion about whom would win the proposed super fight, and former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate recently weighed in on the topic on her “MMA Tonight” podcast (via MMA Fighting). According to “cupcake,” McGregor has proven her wrong when she doubted him, so she can no longer count him out.

In her eyes, he holds the speed advantage over the larger GSP – in addition to a strategic edge:

“Conor McGregor, I’ve underestimated the guy a number of times, thinking he wasn’t going to win some of the fights that he won and he did it. The man is truly in a league of his own. When it comes to his game planning, when it comes to his trash talking, when it comes to getting inside people’s heads, nobody does it better than Conor McGregor. So I absolutely would not count him out in a fight like that.

“I think the speed favors him. I think he has great striking and I think the fact that GSP’s been out for so long, I think Conor McGregor can put together a strategy to beat pretty much anybody and I think the matchup actually favors Conor.”

High praise from a woman who’s been around the top levels of the sport for many years, one who’s admittedly a St-Pierre fan. She knows the precision he brings to the octagon, yet gave McGregor a mental edge she deemed difficult to get around for the all-time great:

“I feel almost bad saying that because I’ve been a huge GSP fan for a really long time. He’s perfect when he fights. Maybe not the most exciting fighter you’ve ever watched but he’s almost perfect and that’s so hard to do. If you’ve been an athlete in any sport, to have a perfect game or a perfect match or a perfect bout, it almost never happens.

“You watch him go out there and he’s pretty much perfect in all of his fights. He never waivers from his strategy and he’s like a robot, like somebody’s controlling a controller somewhere and he’s just doing exactly what he needs to do to get through those fights. But I think with this one, Conor’s just so hard to beat and he’s so hard to get around mentally. I think the speed actually, being the smaller guy, does favor Conor.”

Met with at least some degree of doubt, Tate acknowledged that picking the Irish star over St-Pierre may sound a bit crazy, but cited the fact that McGregor has predicted the result of many of his high-profile bouts.

She thought he was going to lose to Nate Diaz in their UFC 202 rematch, and he did not. Tate also thinks St-Pierre has never been made to deal with the nonstop mental onslaught of an elite trash talker like McGregor, something that could affect the fight.

To top it all off, Tate thought he would be easily handled by Mayweather in the boxing ring, yet he again proved her wrong by lasting 10 rounds with arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time. For that reason, the still-evolving McGregor would do well against the returning – and rusty – all-time great former champion in the potential match:

“Yes. I know that sounds crazy, but dude, crazier things have been said about Conor and he’s done it. He literally predicts his exact what he’s gonna do in every fight. When he lost to Nate Diaz, I thought he was gonna lose again and he came out and he had the right game plan. He’s just brilliant. He knows how to figure out people.

“Not to mention, GSP has never had to deal with someone’s berating, that constant mental barrage that Conor McGregor does. Something is there. People haven’t quite figured it out but there’s something, an element that Conor McGregor adds that’s not just his skillset. He gets inside people’s heads and he ruins them before they even step inside the octagon. To say that he couldn’t do to GSP when he’s done it to everyone else, it’s insane to think that he couldn’t do that.

“So I just think he would probably do well. He’s evolving, he’s very athletic, he’s heavy-handed. I think he could knock out a lot of guys bigger than him. Look how well he did against Mayweather. I was so impressed with how he did there. I thought he was gonna lose that fight handily and he hung in there tough.”

  • Peter Dinklage

    See the problem is, Conor doesn’t like to get worked and grinded. If you can grind Conor out, you can defeat him. GSP always outworked his opponents, grinded them down to a point where they question their own abilities. GSP would steam roll him into the ground. After a round of take downs, Conor would get frustrated and fear the take down and the rest would be easy work.

    • ekevin420bc .

      GSP would absolutely destroy Conor he would take him down with ease and then just work him on the ground like nobody has done and most likely submit him cuz GSP is excellent at bjj and Conor is too weak to defend against the bigger stronger ww

  • Jake Pulfrey

    Would much rather see another fight with Nate over this bollocks

  • kevin

    GSP would have him submitted to knees like bj Penn… would definitely bet big on gsp>connor

    • Jake Pulfrey

      GSP far too big for him, i remember rogan saying that Nick was too big for connor and GSP just threw nick around

  • steven

    I cannot believe I am even going to dignify this silly heifer with a response. She has the audacity to talk about gameplans when she herself on two separate occasions could not gameplan to defend a fucking armbar. She has no credibility. We all know GSP was the king of gameplans along with Randy Couture. Then she talks about counting Conor out.
    What the fuck does that even mean? Did she really give him no shot against Mendes– with the latter coming in on three weeks notice? Did she give him no shot against Nate in the rematch– Nate, a guy with no punching power and subpar wrestling? Did she really consider punch drunk Eddie Alvarez some insurmountable Mt. Everest that Conor shockingly overcame? On the basis of these performances we have to buy into the, “Conor talks and what he says manifests itself into being” bullshit!? The obvious exception is Aldo– who fought in the only way he could have fought to produce the outcome that was the result– foolishly rushing in. Now we all have to live with that because Mcbitch didn’t have the guts to run it back. If anything, GSP finds a way to neutralize that left hand and at absolute best Conor wins a controversial or uneventful decision. And I guess Tate would say, “I counted him out, but Conor did it again!” Did what– if the hypothetical matchup went down like I said? Beat an over the hill guy, with little punching power, and mediocre jits, who had been away for 4 years. NOW, had Mcbitch defended the 155lb. strap against the murderers row lined up to fight him there or at least run the Aldo rematch back, then maybe “Fruitcake” could run her mouth about counting him out. It should not take a fan and a non-fighter to point this out to a broad who is a former two-time world champion and who is considered a legend of the sport.
    Her point of view similarly wreaks of the Jon Jones smellathon where he got so much credit for beating a long list of all-time greats…all of them old and way past their primes, and headed toward the dark days of their careers, where they were just names. And THEN, the first time he fought somebody his age, his size, with his dimensions– Gus got dead in his ass! Juiceboy escaped with a narrow decision and like Mcbitch never ran that back. Instead he fought less dangerous, older, and overmatched opponents. The removal of Jones from the GOAT conversation has less to do with roids than with the fact his murderer’s row was old Shogun, old Rampage, undersized Machida, and old TRT-tor…instead the runback with GUS, a showdown with Rumble, Davis, and Volkan.
    Juiceboy and Mcbitch won some fights, but the myth that was the aura of invincibility was created by the promotion for the promotion’s gain. Juiceboy fucked himself. Conor outsmarted them and transcended the sport as an ICON without doing what needed to be done to secure his legacy as a FIGHTER. But Tate and the LOWKICK hipsters who lack the attention span to read even one sentence of this post will never understand that.

  • Wabbit

    GSP will take McNugget to the ground and the world knows what happens then.

    Jabs coming from GSP repeatedly nailed Nick Diaz (a better boxer than the younger Diaz brother) perhaps McNugget’s boxing “prowess” will help him avoid being struck. It is also true Hendricks messed up GSP, but then Bigg Rigg hits much harder than McNugget.