Michael Bisping & Jorge Masvidal Engage In Vicious Trash Talk War


Michael Bisping and Jorge Masvidal may be fighting in two incredibly high-profile bouts when they meet Georges St-Pierre and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, respectively, at this weekend’s (Sat., Nov. 4, 2017) UFC 217 from Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, but that doesn’t mean they can’t drum up a beef amongst themselves.

That was the case in New York today (Wed., November 1, 2017), where Bisping and Masvidal crossed paths and a heated war of words ensued. Needless to say (and not surprisingly) many expletives were thrown about by “The Count” and “Gamebred,” and Bisping even tossed out a steroid accusation towards Masvidal’s Amercian Top Team (ATT) teammate Yoel Romero while Masvidal used a homophobic slur that unfortunately seems to be working its way into too many MMA-related scuffles these days.

Watch the encounter courtesy of Abraham Kawa on Instagram right here:

When @gamebredfighter and @mikebisping cross paths. My money is on #gamebred

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  • HeteroFriendly

    “homophobic slur”

    I dont think people are scared of hom0’s,
    hom0’s are just real world axxholes and a threat to children.

    They’re not satisfied until they cut everybody’s childrens weiners off.
    I dont know what they do with them, but they’re never satisfied.

    • Jim Swade

      right isn’t being homophobic the fear of homo’s???? I don’t see how calling someone that makes you homophobic he was saying it to offend him that is all…. anyway the world is to sensitive these days and the media just loves to make a story out of it…..

    • Johnny Carcosa

      I really hate this political correctness. Everything is racist, everything is homophobic, everything is sexist, even when it’s not even nearly true.
      That been said, your claim that homos are a threat to children and axxholes is just plain stupid. What are you talking about? I have gay friends who are badass warriors and honest human beings. You would not say your ignorant stuff to their faces, I assure you.

  • Wabbit

    Bisping retires after losing to GSP; he should be grateful, having to not face Whittaker, Brunson, Romero and the other monsters.

    The fight against a retiring Henderson was lackluster for Bisping; and truth be told, he was lucky against an overconfident Rockhold. GSP is too skilled and experienced to leave his chin sticking out for Bisping, and will dominate the English fighter on the ground, to win.

    In the Canadian’s first title defense, Whittaker could outstrike GSP and deal with his takedown attempts. Anyone who can drop Brunson and Souza then defeat Romero’s raw power, is a formidable adversary and leagues above Bisping.

  • Jenny

    Bitchsping is just trying to garner attention for what will be a terrible PPV. Bitchsping is afraid to fight real contenders because he knows he will lose. Rockhold’s cockiness is the ONLY reason Bitchsping won. He also lost to Hendo and the Spider.

    Paper champ.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Masvidal is a street fighter.

    IMO it looked like Bisping wasnt neccisarily “scared”,
    but he wasn’t “interested” either.

    If he was loose,
    and without a care,
    I would think that he would have come up with better zingers then,
    “Look at you you’re trash! Look at you you’re trash! Look at you you’re trash!”

    Bisping has a better mouthpiece then that.
    He was nervous.