SUPERFIGHT POLL: Who would win, Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva?


Dana White wants the fight in May, Georges St. Pierre is unsure he wants this fight at all, while Anderson Silva wants some time off to promote his private projects. Yet, this most likely to become a reality, especially after the French-Canadian champion defended his UFC Welterweight title in a thrilling fight with “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit.

The fight between GSP and Silva would be, without any doubt, the biggest fight in UFC history, with both fighters looking to go into MMA history books as The Greatest Of All Time. No title on the line, but definitely plenty to fight for.

Official UFC statistics provider, FightMetric, keep track of every punch, kick, takedown, and submission attempt executed inside the Octagon. According to FightMetric records book, Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre are truly the best this sport has to offer.

Moreover, it looks like GSP vs. Silva might be a much closer match-up than some fans may think. Anderson Silva holds records for Striking Accuracy and Knockdowns, while Georges St. Pierre is ahead in every parameter related to wrestling and striking defense, such as Significant Striking defense and Takedown Accuracy.

So who will win, Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva? Do you think GSP will accept the fight with “The Spider”? Make your vote, and don’t forget to comment below. Time to use your keyboard, LowKick’ers!

  • Without stating @ what weight the fight would happen, this becomes a pointless question. If the fight is @ 170 I’ll take George. If it happens at a catch-weight of 178 I’d give the nod to Anderson. The biggest fight to come, over this match, is going to be over weight. Which weight do they fight at. George said on Saturday (post fight) that he’d fight Anderson @ 170, if he could make it down. So, the fight is a lock if Anderson really wants it and Ed Sores told us a couple of weeks ago, that Anderson said he could hit 170. So, come on down and lets have, not a super-fight, but rather, a super-title-fight…for all the marbles.

  • they fight on two different dimensions

  • 170- GSP
    178-Depends on how Anderson’s cut goes.

  • @MMA Truth; I agree 99.9999% I would go further though and state that Silva loses his advantage at any wt below 185. At 178-180 it might be even but at his age, cutting below 185 would put a huge drain on Silva’s energy.

  • That said, I would pick Silva no matter what. Even 178, where GSP might have an advantage, I think Silva would find a way to win.

  • Only way for anyone to win in this fight is for it to never happen.

  • 170 – GSP will win! Silva could make 170 but come on… that’s a 50 lbs weight cut. This would surely affect his performance on fight night

    185 – Silva will win… dominantly! Silva is a very effective fighter at this weight class.

    Overall, if this fight happens, Silva has little to gain and a lot to lose. If Silva wins, he would beat an averge sized welterweight fighter. If he loses… well, do the math.

    It’s like Fedor vs. Hendo. Fedor lost everything when he got KO’ed.

  • Dana White’s pockets win. Big time.

  • At the weight at which it will happen: GSP

  • Got to say this fight gives me no interest other than it being a “Super Fight.”
    I love Anderson as a fighter – but if he wants to pick a Super Fight it should be against Jones.
    It only makes sense since that is the weight class Anderson likes to vacation at.
    I know I’m not the only one who thinks this – everywhere you go people are asking for Jones Vs Silva – it’s like a friggin mantra.
    Someone needs to start a fan petition or something – That way Dana can give the fans/us what we want as he claims is his goal and the reason there is not a proper ranking system.
    Let GSP fight Hendricks that dudes legit. Also I agree with all the weight issues – if they fight at this weight it gives this guys the advantage and if it’s at that weight the other gets the edge, yada, yada…
    We all know this – MMA fans are not stupid even though Greg Jackson seems to think so.
    Anyway just my thoughts – lets go Silva – if you want to solidify your greatness (which I really don’t think you have to after all you have done)you need to choose a super fight with Jon Jones.

  • Who would win, The G.O.A.T or Georges? Haha – that question is very laughable to say the least. Georges would be lucky to see the second round at any weight class.

  • I think that Silva is certainly crafty and wouldn’t rule out an early finish or quick KO, but I honestly think his chances get pretty slim as the rounds go on. Anderson has had some cardio problems in the recent past at Middleweight, and GSP is great at pushing the pace without getting tired himself.

    Additionally, Silva, while far from defenseless off of his back isn’t partiicularly active when he’s put there. The only person he’s ever submitted from his back was Chael Sonnen, who has a noted vulnerability to the triangle. If GSP leaves an opening, Silva can capitalize very well, but for the most part I fear he’d just lie there holding GSP in his guard, waiting for an opening he won’t get. If he gets beaten up for a couple rounds, the accumulated damage would probably nullify his natural advantages.

    Silva’s a legit BJJ black belt, but I think Condit’s better. If Silva can’t get the KO early, GSP’s groundwork might have Silva’s number.

  • He would not have to cut 50 lbs. He loses a lot of wt during camp. The heaviest he would be before the cut would be 195-200. A lot of guys cut from there to 170 but I do think he is too old to make that cut. I agree with the rest though.

  • Yes, because history shows GSP is easily knocked out at 170 and Anderson is a killer there.

  • Holy Crap..GSP at the post conference looked like he had his face smashed in. He looked terrible. Swollen, red, fat lip, cuts under both eyes. Carlos looks like he just finished a training session. WOW. It was a great fight.

  • Bonar had never been knocked out before up until he fought Anderson Silva. Yes, it was at LHW, but the same thing would happen to Georges nevertheless.

  • What about lutter

  • He tapped him with mean elbows from the bottom

  • Lutter said himself the reason he tapped was because the choke was tight (although the elbows hurt).

    He also came in to the fight extremely overweight, and looked gassed after he missed the first takedown in the second.

  • Not at WW. Anderson’s power advantage would go down hill there, along with his energy and cardio levels.

    It’s much more likely his cut to 170 brings apart his first loss in years (to more people than GSP).

    Now at 178 and above, it’s anybody’s guess. The first round will tell the story.

  • JTalbain – You need to check out Silva/Travis” another Wrestler” Lutter. That triangle choke was tight enough to make him swallow his tongue. Well said, EH and Silvaisking.

  • Most of the damage came when Condit had him on the ground after the headkick. I think GSP came out in the 1st with more of a killer instinct then stuck with his wrestling and control after the headkick. It was good to see that he can fight through a hard shot like he did. 4 years ago, I think he would have been finished. I would like to see him fight Silva for the simple fact that most have been waiting on this fight for 2+ years. Everyone has only been talking about Silva vs Jones for 6 months. Dana will go with the longer anticipated fight if given the opportunity. There will be more money to make if GSP fights Silva. I just think its rediculous that everyone claims that GSP lays and prays. He dropped some hard shots on Condit and was obviously trying to take him out. Besides, he beat Carlos at his own game in the stand up battle. He deserves props for that. Carlos Condit is a beast, especially his kick-boxing

  • Firstly, that fight will never happen in my opinion. Secondly, if it did happen, they would most likely fight at 178, which would be bad for Georges. And lastly, it would not go past the first round. I wouldn’t make that fight if I were Dana.

  • I’d guess you were right. That fight will never happen, and should never happen unless GSP wants to move to 185 (as he has talked about doing in the past but seems destined never to do). Anderson moving down in weight at 37 (38 most likely by fight time) is not good, and I couldn’t help but think that if he lost it would be partly because of a larger than normal weight cut. That is the last thing I want for the current best MMA fighter so far.

    I had to watch RJJ undone by going up and back down in weight. I don’t ever want to see that again.

    However, if it were to happen at 178, there’s no way Anderson would end it early. If he did it would be in the second or third. If it went past that he’d be in real trouble.

  • @ICP – I thank you 99.9999% for agreeing with the original premiss.

    This fight, should it happen (and I’m actually beginning to believe it will) is going to boil down to Anderson stuffing GSP’s shot. If he can do that GSP doesn’t have a hope. IMO.

    My guess will be that they will settle @ a weight below 178, but higher than 170. I think @ 173 GSP bites. @ 170 it’s a lock. However, it’s a negotiation and my guess is GSP could be coaxed into the fight, in the spring and without much problem @ 173. The shame of it is, of course, is that for a few more pounds we could turn it into a title fight, which would be my preference. However, to your point about energy. It might work in the opposite manner. He could diet out most of the weight beforehand, have a reasonable 20 pound weight cut and be more lively than ever in the ring. He could end up being even more explosive and his TDD even better. The problem is GSP is not Chael Sonnen. He won’t gas, fall down, give up or have nothing in the way of real offense for Anderson to worry about. He also won’t be on steroids. So, the worry of the fight being overturned as a result of the failure of a drug test, post fight.

    Either way ICP, I think we are (all) going to get to see two of the greatest fighters on the planet go at it and I’m all for it. I just don’t think it will happen @ 178 and I think Anderson’s energy will be fine. As a GSP fan it worries me, but lets roll the dice.

  • Smartest thing you’ve ever posted, Krogan…

  • Silva has to be the favorite, but if you think the #1 p4p is an automatic win over the #2 p4p guy, you don’t understand how unpredictable MMA is.

    One of the things that people underestimate about GSP is how quick he is. Condit was swinging at air for most of that fight.

    Obviously, Silva isn’t Condit. His techniques are much more unorthodox and he has about another inch of reach.

    I could see the Spider catching Rush early, because he has the ability to pull off crazy kicks like the one Condit landedin the 3rd.

    However, GSP will be faster than anyone Silva has fought in along time, and if he can avoid getting dropped early, I could see him ground and pounding his way to an upset.

  • GSP is Sonnen with no holes in his game.

  • …And class

  • The one thing that Sonnen has over GSP IMO is the non stop walking forward. GSP likes to strike as well so he will keep the fight at range as well, while Sonnen will bullrush you as he just wants in on the takedown.

    I think that’s why he did so well against Anderson and time has proven over and over again if you give Silva range it’s bad times

  • Most condescending thing you have ever posted mindkontrolle no wait my bad everything you post is condescending lol

  • Theoretically it is simple. If GSP takes down Silva at will he wins, and no-one has been able to stop GSP’s takedowns. So GSP wins by grinding out a G&P decision. Silva would have to catch him before he ends up on his back.

  • STFU with this other dimension crap, R-tard. Man, you are stupid and pointless……

  • Another thing people are failing to look at is Silva baits his opponents in when he drops his hands and it has so far got all of his opponents to start swinging for the fences, which leaves them open to be knocked out. GSP would take a different approach to Silva’s tactics. When Silva starts bobbing and weaving, it leaves him open to ne taken down and that would be GSP’s opening to get him on the ground and do his gnp. But with that being said, GSP seemed to struggle a little bit with Condit’s leg length. It was harder for him to do work from his guard. Silva’s leg length with give GSP fits. If this fight ever happens, it will only happen at 178, and the way GSP is responding to the fight talk,he dont want to fight him at more than 170. If the fight takes place, the only way I see GSP winning the fight is if Silva is weakened by the extra weight cut. I just think he will be too strong for GSP if he is at full strength. I hope that Im wrong. Regardless, I still want to see the fight happen

  • Silva is Silva till somebody beats him. All this hype about him taking 2013 off he still has contract with Dana W. and UFC. Unless injured he will fight when they tell him to fight. All this other bs is exactly that. Dont believe the hype.

  • What about when I said that onemoreround was “a bit of a fag”…. was that condescending or just the plain truth??

  • AS dropping to 170 would be seriously unhealthy, i can not believe GSP is actually expecting this!
    AS would have to drop alot of muscle mass and be seriously weakened by it, AS already looks skinny at 185!
    176 lbs maybe but still unhealthy for AS.