Max Holloway Seeking Fresh Contract Before Defending Featherweight Title


After downing the greatest featherweight fighter of all time in Jose Aldo, and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor essentially being done with the 145-pound division, Max Holloway is looking to become the money man at featherweight.

Holloway has been on an 11-fight win streak since losing to Conor McGregor via unanimous decision back in 2013. “Blessed” has won two massive back-to-back fights via knockout against the likes of ex-UFC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo. Before he makes his first title defense, however, Holloway would like a fresh new contract with the UFC (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Now we’re just taking it one step at a time. I can’t force something. I’m not going to rush something. I’m not going to get mad over something that I have no control over,” Holloway said. “Like I said, I can control my feelings and that’s what I am focusing on, myself. It’s only giving me more time to get better, you know? Don’t poke the bear. They’re poking at me right now, but they’re going to see on fight night, so I can’t wait. I’m only getting better.

“I’m just asking for a fair shake,” Holloway continued. “You see a lot of these guys, a lot of these other champions making what they’re making. I’m not trying to take anything away from them, but I feel like I’m one of the more exciting fighters under contract in the UFC. At the end of the day, I’m the king. I’m in my throne, you know? If you want to come see me, come see me.”

When “Blessed” does return to the Octagon, he’d like it to be in Las Vegas given that his previous two fights have been out of the country. He plans to visit “Sin City” this weekend to meet with UFC officials:

“My last couple of fights have been out of country,” Holloway said. “Let me come home. Let me come to the ‘ninth island’ (Las Vegas), as close as we can get to UFC Hawaii, so give me that.”

  • Bill Wolf

    Champion after champion isn’t happy with the deal they’d get by default from the UFC. If the explanation in every case is that the UFC is fine but the fighter is greedy and foolish, that’s a big coincidence.

    • iberian warrior

      UFC is a business..but they have to share it around fella. I want the fighters to get their piece of the pie instead of the pencil pusher capitalists. Look how much boxers make. Fair is fair pal

  • JamesC

    Is there a happy champ

    Stipe … no
    Cormier …no, but not for financial reasons
    Bisping ….yes but he has been around for sooo long
    Holloway …. no
    Cody….idk. Not sure he is smart enough to be unhappy
    DJ … definitely not

    2/8 male champs are happy.

    I think Joanna is happy, but Nunes isn’t so that is 70% of the UFC champs are unhappy

    • steven

      Thank you JamesC. A lot of the LOWKICK hipsters would have stopped reading your post after ‘Bisping…:”. I appreciate it as good, thoughtful analysis that could not be spat out in a single sentence loaded with monosyllabic words per the usual.
      …shutting my mouth now. Thanks again.