Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi Fight Metric Report Shows ‘The Dragon’ Was Outstruck


Lyoto Machida continued his title efforts at middleweight with a decision win over Gegard Mousasi at last night’s UFN 36. The main event bout was a technical striking class from ‘The Dragon’ and he took home the unanimous decision win for his troubles.

‘The Dreamcatcher’ put in a game effort, but was evidently unprepared for the tricky karate master Machida. There has been chatter about how close the fight was, although I didn’t see it that way, and some fans believe Mousasi did enough to win. The fight metric report for the bout has been released, so check out the numbers:

It would appear that Machida taking Mousasi down and transitioning to half guard and back control has made a big difference in the judge’s eyes. The striking was clearly close, but it was shut out for Machida in the grappling domain.

You could argue that the bout could have gone gone either way, but so could most MMA fights these days. I’ll say it as I saw it; Machida was just the better fighter. Striking numbers are all well and good, but statistics don’t show the situations from which the striking was applied. How do you feel the judges did?

  • Who cares!? Under most favorable light it was 4-1 machida and probably 5-0 machida

    • Exactly, fight metric proves nothing. I can only remeber Mousasi landing three or four good shots and he had the illegal upkick. Mousasi might have one round if any, Machida was obviously landing a lot of good shots and frankly I don't even know when Mousasilanded these strikes

      • And is this supposed to say that Mousasi won the fight? Clearly he didn't so this is just pointless

        • gm1

          This fight sucked…half hearted performance in my opinion and just like the Thompson/Henderson fight, no one deserves the next title shot… These guys fighting for the number one contender should be not only winning, but winning in spectacular fashion. Only person that has an excuse to win by technicality should be the champ. Take that belt from him in a great way. Machida fought like a female..weak.. Im not saying that Dreamcatcher is good, but he barely got in the UFC. Not even ranked. Actually he was the aggressor in most of the fight.

          I think mutshida should fight Vitor win or lose the outcome of the bout with Weidman. Then we will see how hungry Mutshida is.

          • I disagree, Mousasi has a head of lead. Machida hit him with 3 high kicks 2 of which were flush and he survived. Those same kicks KO'd Munoz. Machida went for it a few times and Mousasi was lucky it did go to decision.

          • casual MMA fans want blood baths, I thought it was a good fight, Mousasi is a high caliber fighter, Machida I feel is a bit more aggressive as a middleweight than as light-heavy.

  • Yeah I thought it was 50-45 Machida but now it's so obvious after watching it again that Mousasi KO'd Machida in all 5 rounds.

  • and two headlines below this "Gegard Mousasi: Machida Was Always A Step Ahead"

    great journalism on this site

  • That fight sucked. I was expecting better but oh well. Cheeto's fights deliver or they don't. Doesn't seem to be an in between. Can't believe I tried to stay awake for that.

    • There's 1 way Machida fights…………There's 2 ways Machida wins (save the Rua "win"). Its either a "boring" Decision or a Spectacular finish. But he always fights the same way, and it's the "boring" way as many fans sees it, if he catches someone then it's a spectacular finish, if not the it leads to a "boring" decision. That being said. I think he is a master of this technical craft, or as many fans sees it a a boring way to fight.

  • What you call boring I call technical. Also, last night was a great example of 2 very technical world championship level of striking.

  • Just a second while I sum thi article up. You bring in the Fightmetric report, say Machida was outstruck, ask how people think the judges did, but leave off the last page of the report which states that Machida won 4 out of 5 rounds, with one being too close to call. So… Fightmetric scored the fight almost exactly the way the judges did and this is a dissenting opinion because…?

  • Well unless all strikes are equal, which they clearly aren't, than scoring based on those numbers would be retarded.
    Damage should be the biggest factor in a FIGHT. Not position that leads to nothing or submission attempts that lead to nothing.

  • @gm1- who's this Mutshida person you are talking about uh? Say what bruh!